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Students of Peers of the Kingdom of the West

Last updated: December 15, 2017

Students include Squires, Apprentices, Protégés, Cadets, Fosterlings, and 'Students'. This page of the History site lists the known known students of peers and who they are a student of. This information is from the Who's Who. If you wish your student listed here, or you are a student not listed, use the link to the "Who's Who" update form in the footer of this page to update your information.

Note: This is also historic data - meaning unless I am asked to remove someone's listing as a student, that will remain here ... even after someone has become a peer. Some people are very proud of their associations. If, for some reason, you do not wish that information listed here, request that it be removed, and it will be.

Squires and Men/Ladies-at-Arms (Typically Students of Knights or Masters of Arms)
Apprentices (Typically Students of Laurels)
Protégés (Typically Students of Pelicans)
Cadets/Provosts (Typically Students of Masters/Mistresses of Defense)
Students of (Peer) or Fostered to (Peer) -- No Other 'Job Title'

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