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Households and Similar Groups of the Kingdom of the West

Including Members or Affiliates of Same

Last updated: December 12, 2017

Households, Fighting Units, and similar groups are unofficial. However, they are real groups and this page of the History site lists the known groups of this nature, and anyone who claims to be a member of or associated with said group. This information is pulled from information in the Who's Who pages. If you wish your affiliation with a group known, use the link to the "Who's Who" update form in the footer of this page to update your information.

501st Gladitorial Legion
Akritai of the West (Household)
An Alltan, House (Household)
Argent Angels (Fighting Unit)
Argos (War Unit)
Argos West (Household)
Ashford's Revenge (Household)
B.C. (Camping Group)
Barbarian Freehold (Caid)
Bedlam, House (Household)
BelAnjou (Household)
Bellatrix (Household)
Bergental (East)
Bjorn Thorpe (War Unit)
Black Guard (Fighting Unit)
Black Rose (Ship)
Black Tigers (Fighting Unit)
Blackmere, House (Household)
Bloody Ridge (Household)
Bredereke (Household)
Caer Allynwell (Household)
Caer Gobennydd (Household)
Celtic Cottage (Household)
Celtic Dogs (Household)
Chateau de Camville (Household)
Chateau Rose (Household)
Citadel, House (Household)
Clan Destine (Household)
Clan Kidney (Household)
Clan Kilkenny
Clan MacThomais (Household)
Clan Rosethorn (Household)
Cock & Bulls Tavern, The
Comitatus (Household)
Company of St. Teresa (Camping Group)
Darkclaw (Household)
Darkclaw (War Unit)
de Montfort (Household)
de Sithia, House (Household)
DesCartes (Household)
domus entropius (Household)
Dragon's Haven (Household)
Dragon's Lair, House (Household)
Draigsffau (Household)
Eaglehaven, House (Household, Meridies)
Eider Or (Household)
Ermine Company (War Unit)
Evenstar Keep (Household)
Fell Hounds (Household)
Fire and Steel (Fire Performance Group, An Tir)
Friend of Drafn Warband (Blue Border)
Golden Stag Players, The
Graethorne, Free Circles of (Camping Group)
Gryphon's Guard (Fighting Unit)
Helmsguard (Household)
Helmshold, House
Hennforde, House (Household)
Hjú Helgrind (Household)
Horrible, House (Household)
Hospitallers of St. John of Caid
House of Too Many Children, The (Household)
Joyous (Household)
Lochswan (Household)
Lost Lupin Manor (Household)
Lucky Charrns (Household, Atenveldt)
Mac Tir (Household)
Mondo Bizarro (Household)
Moniers Guild
Moondragon, House (Household)
Myrmidons, The (Caid - Household/Fighting Unit)
Osten-See, House (Household)
Palazzo Arte (Household)
Panther's Pride (War Unit)
Phoenix House (Household)
Port Drakinastos (Household)
Quid Non (Household)
Ramshead, House
Raven Company (War Unit)
Raven's Hammer, House (Household)
Riga (Household)
Rune Scouts (?)
Sable Hawks (War Unit)
Saint Calixtus (Household)
Saint George, Company of (Household)
Saint Swithin, House (Household)
Schwetzingen (Household)
Sea Rose, House (Household)
Shadowood (Household)
Sigurgata (Household)
Silvermist (Household)
Songblade, House (Household)
Sons of Iniquity (Fighting Unit)
StarFyre, House (Household)
Sturmbach (Fighting Unit)
Tribe Rot Mahne
VanDag, Haus (Household)
Veritas (Household)
Verthandi (Household)
Village, The (Household)
Vinderbek (An Tir)
von Hagen, Haus (Household)
West Kingdom Choir
Western Spartans (War Unit)
Winterhaven, House (Household)
Wulfsheim (Household)
Zachary Keep Abbey (Household)
Zondernaam (War Unit)

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