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Last Updated: September 17, 2005

Important Change Note: The front page of this site had gotten a small working over, and I have added a Cascading Style Sheet to this website, and all HTML documents should use it. However, for them to use it, they will need to be re-uploaded to the site. There are, at the time I have done this, 13,000+ HTML documents on this site (I created and ran a program to add the necessary tag to tell each file to use the CSS file which also gave me a count). You will see a difference that should be fairly apparent (the font is Arial, and the headings will be blue ... at least for now ...). It is a simple change, and if your browser is old enough to not support CSS files, no changes will appear (a nice thing about web browsers is that if they don't understand something, they ignore it). This should not slow anything down in any appreciable manner and will enhance the appearance of the site a little. I hope this meets the approval of the people using this site on a regular basis. -- Hirsch von Henford, West Kingdom History Website Minister, July 7, 2005

NOTE: If you wish to donate photographs, please see Submissions Guidelines. HvH -- January, 2005

Week of September 17, 2005:
Photos contributed by Ysabelle d'Angiers:
Pennsic War (August 5-21, 2005, AS XL)

Week of September 10, 2005:
Photos by Katira al-Maghrebiyya:
Mists Spring Investiture (May 14, 2005, AS XL)
Collegium Occidentalis (May 21, 2005, AS XL)
Duchess' War (June 4, 2005, AS XL)
Katira al-Maghrebiyya, Viscountess (Award Scroll)

Week of September 3, 2005:
Photos by Katherine Goodpasture:
Beltane Coronation (April 29-May 1, 2005, AS XXXIX-XL)
Warlord's Tournament - Southern Shores (June 17-19, 2005, AS XL)
June Crown Tournament (June 24-26, 2005, AS XL)

Photo of an Award Scroll by Eliška z Jihlavy:
Signy J˘linnard˘ttir, Award of Arms

Photos by Cassandra Rossignol:
June Crown -- Feast (June 24-26, 2005, AS XL)

Photos from the Far West contributed by Ysabelle d'Angiers:
Pre-Pensic Prep Party (P4) (July 8-10, 2005, AS XL)

Week of August 27, 2005:
Photos by Margrethe Astrid Ravn:
Arts and Sciences Tournament (July 22-23, 2005, AS XL)

Week of August 20, 2005:
Photo of Award Scrolls by Bjorn Jorsalfer of Bearhaven:
Lisa van Roosebeke, Viscountess
Teresa Maria Isabella Castro, Leaf of Merit

Week of August 13, 2005:
Photo by Raz Dan:
Performing Arts Fete -- Ecorngill (August 6, 2005, AS XL)

Week of August 6, 2005:
Photo provided by Hirsch von Henford:
Moneyer's Guild Charter -- Principality of the Mists

Photos by Aja du Jardin:
Hallgerd Egilsdottir, Leaf of Merit Promissory (Award Scroll)
Hallgerd Egilsdottir, Leaf of Merit (Award Scroll)

Week of July 30, 2005:
Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day?, July 23, XL (2005)

Week of July 9, 2005:
Photos Contributed by Catherine de Grey:
The Coat of the Bard of the West
The Medallion of the Bard of the West

Week of July 2, 2005:
Bardic Pieces by Catherine de Grey:
The Fighter's Song, June 23, AS XL (2005)
Farewell, June 23, AS XL (2005)

Photos by Beli Bailey of Kintyre:
October Crown (October 5-6, 1991 (AS XXVI))

Photos by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov:
Twelfth Night Coronation (January 8, 2004, AS XXXIX)
Oertha Winter Coronet (January 14-16, 2005, AS XXXIX)
Baronial Changeover - Winter's Gate (April 23, 2005, AS XXXIX)

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