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Last Updated: September 30, 2004

NOTE: If you wish to donate photographs, please see Submissions Guidelines. HvH -- June, 2004

Week of September 25, 2004:
Scroll Photos by Eliška z Jihlavy:
Branwen ferch Emrys, ORL
Cáemgen Mac Olcain, Award of Arms
Daene of Saint Matthews, Award of Arms
Gisela de Kalais, Award of Arms
Richard of Alder Tree, OLM
Sabrina de la Bere, Rose Leaf
Sláine inghean Bhloscaidh uí Chatháin, OLM
Stephan of Caerleon, Award of Arms

Bardic Piece by Juan Santiago:
For Robert of Woodsende, Sept. 18, AS XXXIX (2004) [Fighter Poems, Mists Coronet]

Week of September 18, 2004:
Bardic Piece by Juan Santiago:
A Place by The Fire, Sept. 11, AS XXXIX (2004)

Photos by Hirsch von Henford:
Bard of the Mists Competition (September 11, 2004, AS XXXIX)

Bardic Piece by Catherine de Gray:
Faith, September 9, AS XXXIX (2004)

Bardic Pieces by Aimeric de Foix:
An Elizabethan Sonnet of Frustration, September, XXXIX (2004)
The Long and Bending Road, September, XXXIX (2004)
The Æthelmarc Carol, September, XXXIX (2004)

Week of September 4, 2004:
Bardic Pieces by Catherine de Gray:
For Antonio, August 23, AS XXXIX (2004)
For Uther and Kaaren, Stepping Down, August 23, AS XXXIX (2004)
For Jade and Eliana (Coronation), August 23, AS XXXIX (2004)

Scroll Photos by Ysabella Dolfin:
Birgitta Sørensdatter, Award of Arms
Teleri Tawel, Rose Leaf

Week of August 7, 2004:
Royalty Arms by Vigdís vestfirzka:
Eliana Fraser

Photos by Elric of Wolfscairn:
Duchess' War (May 22, 2004, AS XXXIX)

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