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Last Updated: July 23, 2004

NOTE: If you wish to donate photographs, please see Submissions Guidelines. HvH -- June, 2004

Week of July 24:
Photos Contributed by Katira al-Maghrebiyya:
Fool's Crusade (March 26-28, 2004, AS XXXVIII)
Celebration of the Arts (May 8, 2004, AS XXXIX) )

Photos by Ysabelle d'Angiers:
Coronet (October ?, 2002, AS XXXVII)
Coronet Tournament (April ?, 2003, AS XXXVII)
Coronet Tournament (October 25, 2003, AS XXXVIII)
Candlemas (January ?, 2004, AS XXXVIII)

Photos by Dierdriana of the Misty Isles:
Oertha Lord Defender's Tournament (July 14-15, 1984, AS XIX)
Oertha Coronet (July 13-14, 1985, AS XX)

Photos by Alina de Montague:
Cynagua Coronet Tournament (May ?, 1981, AS XVI)
Cynagua Coronet Tournament (October ?, 1981, AS XVI)
Cynagua Investiture (January 30, 1982, AS XVI)
Cynagua Investiture (July 16-17, 1983, AS XVIII)
October Crown Tournament (October 1-2, 1983, AS XVIII)
March Crown Tournament (March 24, 1983, AS XVIII)
Beltane Coronation (May 5-6, 1984, AS XIX)
Cynagua Summer Investiture (July 14, 1984, AS XIX)
Cynagua Lord Defender's Tournament (September 8, 1984, AS XIX)
Twelfth Night Coronation (January 5, 1985, AS XIX)
Beltane Coronation (May 4-5, 1985, AS XX)

Week of July 17:
Photos Contributed by Katira al-Maghrebiyya:
People (Kay the Innocent/Katira al-Maghrebiyya)
March Crown Tournament (March 24-26, 2000, AS XXXIV)
Wargy (February 10, 2001, AS XXXV)
Pas d'Arms/Birthday Feast (April 14, 2001, AS XXXV)
Fool's Crusade (March 30 - April 1, 2001, AS XXXV)
Cynagua Coronet (May 25-28, 2001, AS XXXVI)
Old Timer's Tournament (June 16, 2001, AS XXXVI)
Fighter/Page Pas d'Armes (June 2, 2001, AS XXXVI)
Mists Fall Investiture (November 10, 2001, AS XXXVI)
Cynagua Winter Investiture (January 26, 2002, AS XXXVI)
Estrella War (February 15-17, 2002, AS XXXVI)

Week of July 10:
Photos by Eliška z Jihlavy:
Cynagua Coronet Tournament (May 28-31, 2004, AS XXXIX)

Photos of Scrolls by Eliška z Jihlavy:
Adina Vischer von Hersbruck, Baroness
Aja du Jardin, Laurel
Aja du Jardin, Western Lily
Alethia de la Mer Argentee, Award of Arms
Ascelin Meere of Ravenslock, Leaf of Merit
Branwyn Guilford, Award of Arms
Brianna Ariello Durand, Award of Arms
Ceara MacDonald, Award of Arms
Christina Murus Lepida, Award of Arms
Connor O'Donnghaille, Rose Leaf
Constance Greystorm, Award of Arms
Cynthia de Greenfield, Award of Arms
Daegan of Ravenswood, Award of Arms
David ben Avraham Brisk, Award of Arms
Gemini de Grendel, Knighting Poem
Gwyneth Breila Eirin, Award of Arms
Marion Weaver of the Wilde Woode, Award of Arms
Michael of Caer Myrrdin, Award of Arms
Michael D'Avignon, Award of Arms
Michael of Southern Shores, Award of Arms
Morwen ferch Owain ap Evan, Award of Arms
Parlan MacGillivray, Leaf of Merit
Reinar Jorgensen, Award of Arms
Rodrigo Bernardez, Award of Arms
Stefana dei Medici, Award of Arms
Teresa Maria Isabella Castro, Award of Arms
Theodora Groves, Award of Arms
Veniamin Nafanovich Medvednikogotev, Leaf of Merit

Photos by Evaine MacGregor:
Collegium Nebularum (June 26, 2004, AS XXXIX)

Photos by Annah Narie:
Oertha Coronet and Investiture (July 20-22, 2001, AS XXXVI)

Bardic Piece by Leah Raedaelf of Pagham:
Requiem For Kylson, June, A.S. XXXIX

Week of June 19:
Bardic Pieces by Catherine de Gray:
The Call, May 4, AS XXXIX (2004)
Heirs of the Western Lands, June 12, AS XXXIX (2004)

Week of June 12:
The West History Site has been given a new home by Gregory Blount (his SCA name). The new server we are on will allow the site to grow, freeing up space used by this site for use of Kingdom Officers, Principalities, etc. Best of all, Gregory is allowing us to use his server (and bandwidth) for free. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Gregory for his willingness to do this. Many many thanks ... With any luck, soon the web minister will have a fast connection, and we can get back to "business as usual" here.

Week of June 5:
Royalty Armory by Vigdís vestfirzka:
Ellisif þunnkárr
Elisabeth René de Champagne
Elisabeth René de Champagne

Photo for "The Silly Side" by Hirsch von Henford:
Twelfth Night Present -- A Goblet

Week of May 29:
Royalty Armory by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov:
Amber Kenna (Caitríona inghean ui Chionaodha)

Articles Published in Tournaments Illuminated by Hilary of Serendip when she was Steward:
Long Stewardship

Week of May 22:
Fighter Poems (From Mists Spring Coronet) by Elsa Saxenkammer:
First Attempts -- April, AS XXXVIII
For Lief Utherson -- April, AS XXXVIII
For Marco Nibionne -- April, AS XXXVIII
A Victor Rises -- April, AS XXXVIII

The First Folio of Gerhardt von Nordflammen (in its entirety, in PDF file format)
The Second Folio of Gerhardt von Nordflammen (in its entirety, in PDF file format)

Songs From the First Folio of Gerhardt von Nordflammen:
Hey Landsknecht
Dancing With My Bonnie
Sir James and the Fowler’s Daughter
The Black Band
‘A Roving
The Miles Between
The Wayward Youth
The Westermark Anthem
The Ramble

Poems and Songs From the Second Folio of Gerhardt von Nordflammen:
Damn, Baron
I Say In Love, Folly's Supreme
Hail Kingdom of the West
Have I Known Too Much of Sorrow?
If A Bird Could Live Without Singing
In Her Eyes
Lord In Truth I Deserve Favor
My Awards Go Jingle, Jangle, Jingle
My Hair's Greasy
Oh Gentle Friends, I Have a Mystery
Night Came and Fell Into Her Eyes
P.P.F.U.F. Forever
There Is a Girl From My Barony
Water Rushes, or Is Still
We All Make Vers and Cansos To the Spring

Photos contributed by by Artus Quintus and Cassandra Rossignol:
Beltane Coronation (April 30-May 2, 2004, AS XXXIX)

Photos by Gavin MacIan:
Mists Coronet Tournament (April 2-4, 2004, AS XXXVIII))

Week of May 15:
A Fighter Poem by Berengaria de Montfort of Carcassonne:
Duncan Vitrarius -- September 26-28, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)

Photos by Elinora O'Connor:
Beltane Coronation (April 30-May 2, 2004, AS XXXIX)

Photos by and contributed by Catherine Lorraine of Stonegate Manor:
Celebration of the Arts (May 8, 2004, AS XXXIX) )

Cover of the Tempus Nebularum (in "The Silly Side"), Donated by Christophe d'Avignon:
Tempest Cover, November, AS XXXVIII (2003)

Week of May 8:
Photos by Erich Johann Meyer:
Mists/Cynagua War, September 6-7, 1986 (AS XXI)

Photos by Martin of Rivenstar:
Beltane Coronation (April 30-May 2, 2004, AS XXXIX)

Bardic Pieces by Elsa Saxenkammer:
Mission Statement -- November, AS XXXVIII
Sound Every Horn -- November, AS XXXVIII
Prince of Peeps -- March, AS XXXVIII
The Pancake Song -- April, AS XXXVIII
For Robert -- May, AS XXXIX

Photos Contributed by Juan Santiago:
March Crown Tournament (March 12-14, 2004, AS XXXVIII)

Bardic Pieces by Leah Raedaelf of Pagham:
Camelot, May 1, A.S. XXXIX (2004)

Bardic Pieces by Catherine de Grey:
True Love, May 1, AS XXXIX (2004)

Photo Contributed by Catherine Lorraine of Stonegate Manor:
Southern Shores Newcomer's Tourney (April 10, 2004, AS XXXVIII)

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