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Last Updated: December 16, 2004

NOTE: If you wish to donate photographs, please see Submissions Guidelines. HvH -- November, 2004

Week of December 18, 2004:
Photos contributed by Ysabella Dolfin:
Yule Feast -- Teufelberg (December 11, 2004, AS XXXIX)

Photos contributed by Ysabelle d'Angiers:
Baronial Coronet Tournament (October 22-23, 2004, AS XXXIX)

Week of November 20, 2004:
Photos of Scrolls by Eliška z Jihlavy:
Eona Thorhalla, Viscountess
Garrett Logan Todhunter, Leaf of Merit
Iosef Braun, Award of Arms
Ivan Ivanovitch Streltsov, Leaf of Merit
Rhys Gethin, AA
Tatiana Todhunter, Leaf of Merit
Titus Scipio Germanicus, Viscount

Photos by Balthazar of Endor and provided by Leohtulf of the Silver Hills:
Mists Fall Investiture (November 13, 2004, AS XXXIX)

Photo by Jehanne de Wodeford:
Monkey Fun (in "The Silly Side")

Photos by Felicia Margerye Amondesham:
Arts and Sciences Tournament (July 30-August 1, 2004, AS XXXIX)
Beltane Coronation (April 30-May 2, 2004, AS XXXIX)
Celebration of the Arts (May 8, 2004, AS XXXIX) )
Mists Fall Coronet Tournament (September 17-19, 2004, AS XXXIX)
Baroness' Tourney/Masked Ball -- Darkwood (October 23, 2004, AS XXXIX)
October Crown Tournament (October 15-17, 2004, AS XXXIX)
Purgatorio Coronation (August 27-29, 2004, AS XXXIX)
Mists Investiture (May 15, 2004, AS XXXIX)
SCUM Wars/Harvest Tournament (October 1-3, 2004, AS XXXIX)
Southern Shores Newcomer's Tournament (April 19, 2003, AS XXXVII)
March Crown Tournament (March 21-23, 2003, AS XXXVII)
Southern Shores Warlord Tourney (June 2, 2002, AS XXXVII)
Euriol of Lothian, Pelican (Award Scroll)

Photos of a Scroll contributed by Hirsch von Henford:
Invitation for Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasfryn

Week of November 6, 2004:
Photos by Bianca Rose Byrne:
Kylson's Memorial Fighter Practice (June 27, 2004, AS XXXIX)

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