<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>The History of the Kingdom of The West -- What's New</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <CENTER> <H1>The History of<BR>The Kingdom of The West</H1> <B>What's New?<BR> Last Updated: August 27, 2003</B> </CENTER> <p> <hr> <p> <B>Week of August 30, 2003</B><BR> Photos by Aodh de Quiraing:<br> <A HREF="../Year38/Photos/CynaguaSpringCoronet.htm">Cynagua Coronet Tournament (May 23-26, 2003, AS XXXVIII)</A><BR> <p> Photos by Artus Quintus, Sunn Egilsdttir, Rose de Le Mans and Kateryn de Ver:<br> <A HREF="../Year38/Photos/Purg.htm">Purgatorio Coronation (August 22-24, 2003, AS XXXVIII)</A><BR> <p> Photos of Scrolls by Rose de Le Mans:<br> <A HREF="../Scrolls/JamesAndrewMacAllister/AldenOfWolvertonDuke.htm">Alden of Wolverton, Duke</A><BR> <A HREF="../Scrolls/Branwen/ConstantinaGrafin.htm">Constantina von Ravenna, Gr&#228;fin</A><BR> <p> Photos by Juan Santiago:<br> <A HREF="../Year38/Photos/MistsGames.htm">Mists Games (June 15, 2003, AS XXXVIII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year38/Photos/EcorngilPerfArts.htm">Performing Arts Fete - Ecorngil (August 2, 2003, AS XXXVIII)</A><BR> <p> Photos by Thorkil Stormchaster:<br> <A HREF="../Year37/Photos/MarchCrown.htm">March Crown Tournament (March 21-23, 2003, AS XXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year37/Photos/FoolsCrusade.htm">Fool's Crusade - Ravenshore (March 29-30, 2003, AS XXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year37/Photos/SheepRaid.htm">Sheep's Raid - St. Brendan (April 4-6, 2003, AS XXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year38/Photos/Beltane.htm">Beltane Coronation (May 2-4, 2003, AS XXXVIII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year38/Photos/WGamesDay.htm">Games Day -- Wuduholt be Secg (May 10, 2003, AS XXXVIII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year38/Photos/JuneCrown.htm">June Crown Tournament (June 20-22, 2003, AS XXXVIII)</A><BR> <p> Photos donated by Torvald Torgarson:<br> <A HREF="../MiscPeople/T/TorvaldTorgarson.htm">(People)</A> (Torvald Torgarson)<BR> <A HREF="../MiscPeople/P/PadraigDonnMcMathuna.htm">People</A> (Pdraig Donn McMathna)<BR> <p> <hr> <p> <B>Week of August 23, 2003</B><BR> Photos by Wilhelm von Schl&#252;ssel, provided by Steven MacEanruig:<br> <A HREF="../Year8/Photos/Purg.htm">Purgatorio Coronation (July 28-29, 1973, AS VIII)</A><BR> <p> Bardic Pieces by Catherine de Grey:<br> <A HREF="../Bardic/CatherineDeGray/ToKingAndCrown.htm">To King And Crown, March, AS XXXVII (2003)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/CatherineDeGray/GeminisSong.htm">Gemini's Song, March, AS XXXVII (2003)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/CatherineDeGray/TheChampion.htm">The Champion, June, AS XXXVIII (2003)</A><BR> <p> Photos by Artus Quintus, Sunn Egilsdttir, Constantina von Ravenna and Margarita Catherine di Calvi:<br> <A HREF="../Year38/Photos/Pennsic.htm">The Pennsic War (August 2-17, 2003, AS XXXVIII)</A><BR> <p> Photos by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov:<br> <A HREF="../Year30/Photos/WGMayCaptain.htm">Captaincy Tournament -- Barony of Winter's Gate (May 27-28, 1995, AS XXX)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year30/Photos/EskalyaYule.htm">Yule -- Barony of Eskalya (December 9, 1995, AS XXX)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year30/Photos/OerthaWinterCoronet.htm">Yule -- Oertha Winter Coronet (January 21-22, 1996, AS XXX)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year32/Photos/WGMCaptain.htm">Captaincy Tournament -- Barony of Winter's Gate (May 24-25, 1997, AS XXXII)</A><BR> <p> <hr> <p> <B>Week of August 16, 2003</B><BR> Photos of Scrolls Provided by Vigd&#237;s Vestfirnzka:<br> <A HREF="../Scrolls/VigdisVestfirnzka/SolangeDeLaFortresseAA.htm">Solange de la Fortresse, Award of Arms</A><BR> <A HREF="../Scrolls/VigdisVestfirnzka/GabriellaDeRavennaAA.htm">Gabriella de Ravenna, Award of Arms</A><BR> <p> Photos by Wilhelm von Schl&#252;ssel, provided by Steven MacEanruig:<br> <A HREF="../Year8/Photos/Purg.htm">Purgatorio Coronation (July 28-29, 1973, AS VIII)</A><BR> <P> <HR> <P> <B>Week of August 9, 2003</B><BR> Photos of Scrolls Provided by Richard of Aldertree:<br> <A HREF="../Scrolls/RichardOfAldertree/CarinneOBranagainViscountess.htm">Carinne O'Branagin, Viscountess</A><BR> <A HREF="../Scrolls/RichardOfAldertree/DonataIvanovnaBasistovaOLM.htm">Donata Ivanovna Basistova, OLM</A><BR> <A HREF="../Scrolls/RichardOfAldertree/EricIbrahimMozarabeKnight.htm">Eric Ibrahim Mozarabe, Knight</A><BR> <A HREF="../Scrolls/RichardOfAldertree/JohnTheophilusPoem.htm">Poem for John Theophilus</A><BR> <A HREF="../Scrolls/RichardOfAldertree/RafaelDeAldeaPOG.htm">Rafael de Aldea, POG</A><BR> <A HREF="../Scrolls/RichardOfAldertree/RandalAndMichealaAAs.htm">Randel Patrick Gallagher and Micheila MacCallum, Award of Arms</A><BR> <A HREF="../Scrolls/RichardOfAldertree/RichardOfGreyfalleViscount.htm">Richard of Greyfalle, Viscount</A><BR> <A HREF="../Scrolls/RichardOfAldertree/ThanksFromMariAndGemini.htm">Thanks from Mari and Gemini</A><BR> <A HREF="../Scrolls/RichardOfAldertree/MidrealmResponseScroll.htm">Midrealm "Response" Scroll</A><BR> <p> Photos by Margrethe Astrid Ravn:<br> <A HREF="../Year38/Photos/MistsSpringInvestiture.htm">Mists Spring Investiture (May 10, 2003, AS XXXVIII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year37/Photos/KateSpringFeast.htm">Spring Feast - St. Katherine (April 13, 2003, AS XXXVII)</A><BR> <p> Photos by Juan Santiago:<br> <A HREF="../Year38/Photos/JuneCrown.htm">June Crown Tournament (June 20-22, 2003, AS XXXVIII)</A><BR> <p> Photos by Catherine Lorraine:<br> <A HREF="../Year26/Photos/TurkeyTourney.htm">Turkey Tourney -- Hawkshaven (November 16, 1991, AS XXVI)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year26/Photos/TwelfthNight.htm">Twelfth Night Coronation (January 4, 1992, AS XXVI)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year26/Photos/HawksFeast.htm">Hawk's Feast -- Hawk's Haven (January 18, 1992, AS XXVI)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year28/Photos/JuneCrown.htm">June Crown (June 19-20, 1993, AS XXVIII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year29/Photos/MistsSpringCoronet.htm">Mists Spring Coronet (March 25, 1995, AS XXIX)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year30/Photos/DarkwoodAandS.htm">Arts and Sciences Weekend (September 9-10, 1995, AS XXX)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year32/Photos/SSWarlord.htm">Warlord Tournament -- Southern Shores (June 7, 1997, AS XXXII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year32/Photos/Beltane.htm">Beltane Coronation (May 3-4, 1997, AS XXXII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year32/Photos/JuneCrown.htm">June Crown Tournament (June 21-22, 1997, AS XXXII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year32/Photos/MistsFallCoronet.htm">Mists Fall Coronet Tournament (September 20-21, 1997, AS XXXII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year32/Photos/SSHarvest.htm">Harvest Fest -- Southern Shores (October 18, 1997, AS XXXII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year32/Photos/MistsFallInvestiture.htm">Mists Fall Investiture (November 15, 1997, AS XXXII)</A><BR> <a href="../MiscPeople/M/MeganBrennaBrennan.htm">People -- Megan Brenna Brennan</a><br> <A HREF="../Year28/Photos/MistsFallInvestiture.htm">Mists Fall Investiture (November 13, 1993, AS XXVIII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year33/Photos/Beltane1.htm">Beltane Coronation (May 2-3, 1998, AS XXXII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year33/Photos/TwelfthNight.htm">Twelfth Night Coronation (January 2, 1999, AS XXXIII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year33/Photos/MistsSpringInvestiture.htm">Mists Investiture (May 16, 1998, AS XXXIII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year33/Photos/SSJingles.htm">Jingles (Southern Shores) (December 5, 1998, AS XXXIII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year34/Photos/MarchCrown.htm">March Crown Tournament (March 24-26, 2000, AS XXXIV)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year34/Photos/VCAandS.htm">Arts and Sciences Day on the Green (June 12, 1999, AS XXXIV)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year34/Photos/JuneCrown.htm">June Crown Tournament (June 18-20, 1999, AS XXXIV)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year34/Photos/OctoberCrown.htm">October Crown Tournament (October 1-3, 1999, AS XXXIV)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year36/Photos/DarkwoodArchery.htm">Archery Tournament -- Darkwood (July 21, 2001, AS XXXVI)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year31/Photos/ArtsAndSciences.htm">Arts and Sciences Tournament (July 27-28, 1996, AS XXXI)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year31/Photos/MadDog.htm">Mad Dog Tourney -- Vair Couvert (August 10, 1996, AS XXXI)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year31/Photos/HawksFeast.htm">Archery Tourney/Hawk's Feast -- Hawk's Haven (January 18, 1997, AS XXXI)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year31/Photos/Wargy.htm">Wargy -- Vair Couvert (February 8-9, 1997, AS XXXI)</A><BR> <p> Photos by Provided by Kateryn de Ver:<br> <A HREF="../AandS/AwardTokens/FriendlyCastle.htm">Friendly Castle Award Token</A><BR> <A HREF="../AandS/AwardTokens/MariAndGeminiToken.htm">Mari and Gemini's Token</A><BR> <P> <HR> <P> <B>Week of August 2, 2003</B><BR> Photos Provided by Steven MacEanruig:<br> <A HREF="../Year8/Photos/JuneCrown.htm">Midsummer Crown Tourney (June 23, 1973, AS VIII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year8/Photos/SSFirstTourney.htm">Southern Shores First Tournament (May 19, 1973, AS VIII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Year8/Photos/Beltane.htm">Beltane Coronation (May 5-6, 1973, AS VIII)</A><BR> <p> Photos Provided by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov:<br> <A HREF="../Year38/Photos/OerthaSummerCoronet.htm">Oertha Summer Coronet (July 18-20, 2003, AS XXXVIII)</A><BR> <p> Bardic Works by Torvald Torgarson:<br> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/Cyneswith.htm">Cyneswith -- June, 2002 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/SoonToBe.htm">Soon To Be -- July, 2002 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/Rage.htm">Rage -- July, 2002 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/Dreaming.htm">Dreaming -- September, 2002 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/BryneMcClellan.htm">Bryne McClellan -- September, 2002 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/Rebirth.htm">Rebirth -- October, 2002 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/Rumors.htm">Rumors -- November, 2002 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/Riddle3.htm">Riddle 3 -- December, 2002 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/Loss.htm">Loss -- January, 2003 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/Dichotomy.htm">Dichotomy -- January, 2003 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/FeelingNorse.htm">Feeling Norse -- January, 2003 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/Estrella.htm">Estrella -- February, 2003 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/Riddle2.htm">Riddle 2 -- March, 2003 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/MarchCrown.htm">March Crown -- March, 2003 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/LoveVerses.htm">Love Verses -- March, 2003 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/Spring.htm">Spring -- April, 2003 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/MistsCoronet.htm">For Mists Coronet -- April, 2003 (ASXXXVII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/Riddle.htm">Riddle -- May, 2003 (ASXXXVIII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/Happiness.htm">Happiness -- May, 2003 (ASXXXVIII)</A><BR> <A HREF="../Bardic/TorvaldTorgarson/MistsGames.htm">Mists Games -- June, 2003 (ASXXXVIII)</A><BR> <P> <HR> <P> <B>Archive of What's New</B><BR> The site has had a lot of updates lately, and in order to ensure that the most recent are what's in this document, everything from a specific date back will be archived. The list of archived versions of the "What's New" entries is below, with links to those pages if you are interested in viewing them. <P> <A HREF="2003July.htm">June and July, 2003</A><BR> <A HREF="2003May.htm">May, 2003</A><BR> <A HREF="2003April.htm">March to April, 2003</A><BR> <A HREF="2003March.htm">January to beginning of March, 2003</A><BR> <A HREF="2002December.htm">December, 2002</A><BR> <A HREF="2002November.htm">October through November, 2002</A><BR> <A HREF="2002September.htm">August through September, 2002</A><BR> <A HREF="2002July.htm">July through first week of August, 2002</A><BR> <A HREF="2002June.htm">May/June, 2002</A><BR> <A HREF="2002May.htm">April through first week of May, 2002</A><BR> <A HREF="2002March.htm">February/March, 2002</A><BR> <A HREF="2002January.htm">January (Feb. 2), 2002</A><BR> <A HREF="2001December.htm">November/December, 2001</A><BR> <A HREF="2001October.htm">September/October, 2001</A><BR> <A HREF="2001August.htm">August, 2001</A><BR> <A HREF="2001July.htm">July, 2001</A><BR> <A HREF="NewToJuly2001.htm">Everything up to July 1, 2001</A><BR> <P> <HR> <P> <A HREF="../index.htm">Back to the main page</A> <! ------------------------------------------------------------- Standard Footer Starts Here -------------------------------------------------------------> <P> <HR> <P> The West Kingdom History Website was created by and is maintained by Hirsch von Henford (mka Ken Mayer). </BODY> </HTML>