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What's New (Archive)?
Last Updated: July 31, 2001

This is the archived version of the "What's New" entries for July of 2001 ...:

Week of July 23-29

The last two of Kay's Albums ...:
Cynagua Coronet Tournament (May 23-26, 1997, AS XXXII)
West Kingdom Arts Exposition (October 11, 1997, AS XXXII)
Beaconsgate Boar Hunt and Feast (December 13, 1997, AS XXXII)
Mists Spring Banquet (April 18, 1998, AS XXXII)
Beltane Coronation (May 2-3, 1998, AS XXXII)
Peacock Tavern Tourney (May 30, 1998, AS XXXII)
Vinhold Invasion (June 6, 1998, AS XXXIII)
Moose and Squirrel (June 13, 1998, AS XXXIII)
People (Geoffrey Scott)
Mists/Cynagua War (November 14-15, 1998, AS XXXIII)
Mists Coronet Tournament (March 31 - April 2, 2000, AS XXXIV)
People (Alfonso d'Strada)
People (Brocc of Alderden)
People (Conner McAuliffe Fitz James)
Kay the Innocent, Leaf of Merit (Scroll)
Kay the Innocent, Pelican (Scroll)

Branwen ferch Emrys also made this available:
Sean Tracy, Award of Arms (Scroll)

From my own collection of photos (recently converted from slide):
Winter's Gate First(?) Fighter Practice (Fall, 1978, AS XIII)

From the Two Boxes of photos of Hal Ravn's sitting on my floor:
Debardchery (July 9, 1994, AS XXIX)
Arts and Sciences Tournament (July 30-31, 1994, AS XXIX)
Queen's Crown (Artifacts/Regalia)
Crown Prince's Coronet (Artifacts/Regalia)
Newcomers Collegium (June 4, 1994, AS XXIX)
Princess Birthday (August 13, 1994, AS XXIX)
Thrones of the West (Artifacts/Regalia)
June Crown Tournament (June 18-19, 1994, AS XXIX)
West/An Tir War (July 2-4, 1994, AS XXIX) )
October Crown (October 1-2, 1994, AS XXIX)
Mists Fall Coronet (October 8-9, 1994, AS XXIX)

Week of July 16-22

Back to Kay's Albums ...:
March Crown Tournament (March 16-17, 1991, AS XXV)
Estrella War (February 15-17, 1992, AS XXVI)
March Crown Tournament (March 22-23, 1992, AS XXVI)
Beltane Coronation (May 2-3, 1992, AS XXVI)
Ducal Prize Tournament (September 5-6, 1992, AS XXVII)
Shield, Valgard Stonecleaver (Arts and Sciences section of the site)
Cynagua Investiture (July 17-18, 1993, AS XXVIII)
Purgatorio Coronation (August 21-22, 1993, AS XXVIII)
Mists-Cynagua War (September 25-26, 1993, AS XXVIII)
Purgatorio Coronation (August 19-20, 1995, AS XXX)
Ducal Prize (KHTI) (September 2-4, 1995, AS XXX)
Cynagua Coronet Tournament (May 25-27, 1996, AS XXXI)
Mists Coronet Tournament (March 31 - April 2, 2000, AS XXXIV)

Received in email photos of Cynagua Investiture:
Cynagua Investiture (July 13-15, 2001, AS XXXVI)

Week of July 8-15

Done with Sabrina's album, back to Kay the Innocent's albums ...:
Twelfth Night Coronation (January 6, 1990, AS XXIV)

Week of July 2-7
Finished up Sabrina's photo album, with the following results:
Samhain (October 29, 1988, AS XXIII)
Estrella War VI (February 17-19, 1990, AS XXIV)
Oldtimer's Tourney (May 19, 1990, AS XXV)
Southern Shores First Tourney (May 19, 1973, AS VIII)

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