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What's New (Archive)?
Last Updated: August 31, 2001

Week of August 26-Sept. 1
From Juan Santiago (the day after the event! -- Nice thing about digital cameras ...):
Purgatorio Coronation (August 25-26, 2001, AS XXXVI)

From Mari Alexander:
Beltane Coronation (April 27-29, 2001, AS XXXV)
Cynagua Coronet (May 25-28, 2001, AS XXXVI)
Oertha Coronet and Investiture (July 20-22, 2001, AS XXXVI)

From Yolande Kesteven:
Lochac Midwinter Investiture (July 10-11, 1999, AS XXXIV)
Twelfth Night Investiture (January 13, 2001, AS XXXV)

Week of August 19-25
It turns out, after Ian got back from Pennsic, that the error connecting to the FTP server was from my end, the address to the FTP server somehow got messed up in my software (I'm sure it's something stupid I did) -- once that was fixed, well, I've uploaded stuff again ... In addition to the specifics below, more armory for past Royalty has been created/updated and again is at the specific locations for Coronations and/or Investitures.

From Megan nic Alister, these just in:
Pennsic War (August 4-19, 2001, AS XXXVI)

Katryn de Ver, at the urging of Kellyn Firesinger, submitted this:
The Golden Warrior, May 28, AS XXXV (2000)

The rest of this batch of Hal Ravn's photos:
Debardchery (August 14, 1993, AS XXVIII)
Mists Bardic Competition (August 28, 1993, AS XXVIII)
Arts and Sciences Tournament (July 24-25, 1993, AS XXVIII)
March Crown Tournament (March 20-21, 1993, AS XXVII)
Mists Spring Coronet Tournament (March 27-28, 1993, AS XXVII)
Food Collegium (February 20, 1993, AS XXVII)
Collegium Occidentalis (March 6-7, 1993, AS XXVII)
Mists Spring Banquet (April 10, 1993, AS XXVII)
Mists/Cynagua War (April 24-25, 1993, AS XXVII)
June Crown (June 19-20, 1993, AS XXVIII)

Weeks of August 5-August 18
Many corrections, but also a variety of things were updated, most of which couldn't be put up on the site until Ian got back from Pennsic ... (an error at the server end, wouldn't allow me to FTP files!). In addition to specific pages noted below, some more armory updates for past royalty (again, see the individual Investiture and/or Coronation pages).

From Hal's photos:
October Crown, 2-3, 1993 (AS XXVIII)
Dorothea of Caer-Myrddyn (People)
Love and Honor Tournament (September 18, 1993, AS XXVIII)
Susan of Coldwell, Duchess (Scrolls)

Eliska z Jihlavy sent me these photos:
June Crown Tournament (June June 23-25, 2000, AS XXXV)

Poetry from Wander Riordan:
For Thorfinn and Katherine -- January 27, 1998 (AS XXXII)
Ken Ye Well -- September, AS XXXVIII

Poetry from Margrethe Astrid Ravn:
A Chivalrous Act, September 13, AS XXXII (1997)
For Lassar fhina (Drink Me Lads), September 13, AS XXXII (1997)
One Kind of Inspiration, September 13, AS XXXII (1997)
Three Hearts and Three Gold Lions, September 10, AS XXXIII (1998)
Phillip Harlech vs. The Pyrates, September 10, AS XXXIII (1998)
The Duke's Night Out, September 10, AS XXXIII (1998)
Wilhelm von Zweikopfeigen Falke, October 17, AS XXXIII (1998)
Limerick Contest Entries, November 1, AS XXXIII (1998)
Richard Greyfalle, November 21, AS XXXIII (1998)
William and Maren, November 21, AS XXXIII (1998)
Proud Cynagua, January 30, AS XXXIII (1999)
The Rules of the List, April 3, AS XXXIII (1999)
Chad Bitor, April 3, AS XXXIII (1999)
For Maren, May 15, AS XXXIII (1999)
For William, May 15, AS XXXIII (1999)
Why We Fight, May 15, AS XXXIII (1999)
Things Are Seldom As They Seem, October 16, AS XXXIII (1999)
Hanz von Wolfholz, October 16, AS XXXIII (1999)
To Athelisia With Love, November 20, AS XXXIII (1999)
Whose Daughter, November 20, AS XXXIII (1999)
For the Bard, May 13, AS XXXV (2000)

Week of July 30-August 4

Continuing with Hal's Boxes of photos ...:
Mists/Cynagua War (October 15-16, 1994, AS XXIX)
Arts and Sciences Weekend (September 24-25, 1994, AS XXIX)
Cynagua Spring Coronet (May 28-30, 1994, AS XXIX)
Darkwood/Tarnmist War (May 21, 1994, AS XXIX)
Lochac Spring Coronet/Investiture (September 3-4, 1994, AS XXIX)
Purgatorio Coronation (August 27-28, 1994, AS XXIX)
Queen's Cypher, Megan nic Alister (Arts and Sciences)
Anastasia of Starfall, Countess (Scrolls)
Heather of Sutherland, Laurel (Scrolls)
Embroidery for Herald's Ceremony Book Bag (Regalia)

Hal Ravn, Box 2!
Mists Investiture (May 8, 1993, AS XXVIII)
Mists Coronet Tournament (October 9-10, 1993, AS XXVIII)
October Crown Tournament (October 2-3, 1993, AS XXVIII)

From Jana Seasgir:
St. Andrews Annual Revel (October 25, 1975, AS X)
Dana the Irish Moor (People)
Glenn Halfdan (People)
Jana Seasgair (People)
Jeffrey Broken Blade (People)
Ronald Wilmot (People)
Sebastian von Baden (People)

Other Items of Interest added/updated:
More armory has been colored (Aja du Jardin) or created for past royals (Beatrix zum Dunklenturm), which adds some nice touches. You can find these at the various events for Coronations and Investitures of Kings and Queens/Princes and Princesses.
Lord Alberic's Kilt (Bardic)

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