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The Silly Side

Words from Prince Dmitriy and Princess Hannah

(From The Tempus Nebulorum, November 12, 2005 (AS XL)

Greetings Unto the Populace of the Mists!

We welcome you to this grand occaison, the investing of Our Heirs.

It has been Our most cordial pleasure to subjugate you beneath the unyielding rule of Our iron fist during the course of this reign. With brave and noble spirits have you borne the crushing tyranny of Our maniacal domination. In the face of oppressive taxes, you doubly planted your fields and vineyards. In the days of unending levies, you have offered up your bodies and spirits. You have been a most dutiful, honorable, and hardworking populace. Now, having grown fat off your tears, We gracefully bow into retirement to allow Our most rightful heirs to exploit what remains of this land in novel and more diabolical ways. We trust that you will treat them with the same impeccable courtesy you showed us, and continue to exemplify the noble hearts and kind spirits of the true jewel of a Principality that is the Mists.

Dmitriy, Princeps
Hanna, Principessa

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