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The Silly Side

Twelfth Night, AS XL (January 7, 2006) -- Duchess' Ball

At October Crown Tournament, during morning Court, a bunch of Duchesses got up and told the Crown and the populace assembled for Court, that there would be a Duchess' Ball at Twelfth Night. This ball was invitation only, and that there were rumors of forged invitations floating around. They then started handing out some invitations to people.

Toward the end of this presentation, several Countesses and Viscountesses got up and announced that they had invitations as well, and that they were so cleverly forged that the Duchcesses would never see the difference.

Those invitations that could be collected are shown here, with as much information as possible for your edification.

Possibly an Original

Duchezz Konstanitina(?)

Hand-done forgery

From the Far West

Limited Edition(?)

From Countess Lachlin

From Countess Grün

From Duchess Megan

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