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The Silly Side

Twelfth Night Present -- A Goblet

Photo and Contribution
by Hirsch von Henford

"There is, of course, a small story to go with this ... Once upon a time, Mistress Aldith Angharad St. George and Maestro Hirsch von Henford had a pair of apprentices named Juan Santiago and Rose de Le Mans. After "doing their time" as apprentices, Juan and Rose became members of the Order of the Laurel (and deservedly so).

"After a couple of years of being a Laurel, Master Juan decided to take on an apprentice -- Ghislaine d'Auxerre. This was at the Arts and Sciences tournament in August of XXXVIII (2003). Being silly people (the lot of us), Ghislaine became the "grand-apprentice" of Mistress Aldith and Maestro Hirsch, because she was the apprentice of our former apprentice. We sort of played with this a little over the ensuing months, including candy from "grampa", and so on ... Silly, right? Well, of course, right.

"Now, a few months later, at 12th Night (January, 2004), at dinner in the restaurant in the hotel, she hands presents that are fairly obviously goblets to Maestro Hirsch and Mistress Aldith. They unwrap them ... cautiously. This photo is of what we were given. Cute, eh? Yes, that's macaroni decorating that goblet ... we have two of them, and you don't. So there. Aren't you envious?" -- Hirsch (Gramps) von Henford

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