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Wedding Book for Daemon Deorc and
Isabeau of the Wylde Wood

Have some patience, there are 7 largish photos here

Cover: The front cover shows details of the corner
protectors and the clasps. The book is covered in
black suede, with yellow-metal clasps and brass
corner protectors.
Flyleaves: Both front and back flyleaves have the arms of Isabeau
and Daemon, with a pair of roses entwined, between borders of
English daisies from Michellino's prayerbook.
Pages 2 & 3. The book begins with a short dedication, then the
first verse of the song. The miniature shows Daemon as a squire
riding south towards the Wylde Wood (where Isabeau's manor is
situated -- her household name in the SCA). His son accompanies
him as his page, and has been entusted with his father's helm.
The borders are blue lilies from King Rene's book.
Pages 4 & 5. Daemon has just dismounted at Wylde wood and is standing
amazed by the vision of Isabeau as she greets him on her doorstep.
Isabeau's face is untroubled, for she is as yet unaware that her life
is about to change; her only concern at this moment is that her guests
be given fair greeting and housed according to their station. The red
flowers in the border are from King Rene's book.
Pages 6 & 7. Here, Daemon is a guest in Wylde Woode (his horse is
stabled in the courtyard), and he is proudly presenting his son to
Isabeau, who looks kindly upon the promising lad. The mauve sweet-peas
in the border are from Michellino's prayerbook.
Pages 8 & 9. The pleasaunce of Wylde Woode. Here we see only Daemon
and Isabeau, as is fitting for a proposal; amid the spring flowers,
with the birds courting in the sky beyond the walls, Daemon offers
Isabeau his hand and heart. The unseasonable fruit ripe upon the
carefully-shaped trees symbolises the promise of the fulfillment of
their love. The roses in the border are from Michellino's prayerbook.
Pages 10 & 11. Here we see the newly-knighted Daemon joined in
marriage with Isabeau; the King places Isabeau's hand in Daemon's.
Isabeau wears the formal clothes of the nobility for her wedding.
I dressed Daemon in the wedding armour he made throughout the book--it's
so easy to paint armour! Behind them are the forests of Wylde Woode,
and in the foreground, the blossoms of spring flower around their feet.
The blue border flowers are from Michellino's prayerbook.

Wedding Book for Daemon Deorc and
Isabeau of the Wylde Wood

Photo and Contribution
by Yseult de Lacy

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