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Scroll of poem by Torvald Torgarson titled
Fabiankvida, scroll by Torvald.

"This picture is of the unfinished scroll. I was trying for the look of a Norse standing rune stone. The picture at the top is of Fabian kneeling before Brynn to recieve her favor. The picture in the center is of Uther as King, although his tunic underwent a color change when it was finished. I was just trying to use bright colors to show the his wealth and importance, and then I realized what color scheme I was using. Uther may be pretty close to a Superman in the West, but I thought it a bit much for the scroll, so I changed the tunic color to purple. The final picture at the bottom is of Fabian and Hauoc in battle. The poem is in the Bard section if you care to read it." -- Torvald

Photo and Contribution by Torvald Torgarson

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