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Merewyn de Lyonesse, Viscountess

The full scroll
Merewyn de Lyonesse's Viscountess scroll,
by Tatiana Nikolaevna Tumanova

"The heraldic achievement was the most difficult part of
this scroll; the lady insisted that all of her honors be
used. So I had to work in a viscountess coronet, Pelican's
cap of maintenance, and the laurel wreath. It didn't turn
out too bad for a beginner but I could do it a lot better now.
I also did not have all of the paint colors I really needed and
could balance the colors differently. The bottom part of the
scroll is obviously based on one of the unicorn tapestries,
the unicorn being the recipient's favorite critter. I made my
favorite spelling error by forgetting the 'h' in Eighty.
I wasn't sure what I was doing with the layout and using red
in the illuminated letter was a poor choice, too. This was
one of the first Viscounty scrolls ever produced, and there was
a great argument about who should sign and seal it, so both the
Crown and the Coronet signed and sealed it. Eventually it was
decided that the Coronet has the power to give a Patent of Arms
by the permission of the Crown, so only the Coronet's signatures
and seals appeared on subsequent scrolls." -- Tatiana

Photo and Contribution by Tatiana Nikolaevna Tumanova

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