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Garth of Windhaven, Award of Arms

The full scroll

Garth of Windhaven' Award of Arms scroll,
by Tatiana Nikolaevna Tumanova

"This was my third scroll and it turned out much better than
the first two. I am a terrible calligrapher, mostly because
I hate it. Therefore not wanted to do any more of it than I
have to, I don't bother to letter the text several times on
scratch paper to figure out how much space it will take. So
as I did the calligraphy, I saw that I was almost half-way
through and had only filled up a quarter of the space allotted
for the text! Solution -- do a BIG illuminated letter to start
the next paragraph and swap to a much bigger nib. And I still
have half of the space left unfilled, so I drew a rectangle out
from the side of the shield. Didn't know what would go in there
at the time, but continued on with yet another illuminated letter
and a larger font size, and eventually filled in most of the page.
Whew!" -- Tatiana

Photo and Contribution by Tatiana Nikolaevna Tumanova

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