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Gareth of Crawford, Viscount

Gareth's Viscount Scroll
The full scroll
Gareth's Viscount Scroll detail
Gareth's Viscount Scroll detail
More Detail
Gareth of Crawford's Viscount scroll,
by Tatiana Nikolaevna Tumanova

"I consider this to be a masterwork. The photos do not
do it justice as the colors got red-shifted; all of the
subtler magenta tones washed out. Gareth is a True Knight;
as such I admire him very much and was honored to do a scroll
for him. When asked of his preferences, he gave me a sketch of
how he prefers his Arms to be depicted, that he would love to have
squirrels as supporters (the European kind with tufted ears), and
that he likes ivy, demi-suns, and white roses. It's difficult to
see in the photos, but the 'carved wood' border contains ivy, a
demi-sun in each corner, and a rose in the box above each squirrel's
head. There was just enough room for me to stick my own monogram
(an 'N' in the Russian Cyrillic alphabet looks like an 'H', so my
initials appear as THT rather than TNT) just above the back of the
right-hand squirrel. I alternated warm and cool grays on the castle,
and solved a knotty color composition problem by doing the horse's
barding in a different shade of green. Gareth likes a cool, forest
green on his Arms, which is repeated in the grass. Shadows on the
grass were painted in red tones, which got washed out in this photo.
The squirrel's banners depict the Arms of the Principality of Cynagua
and the Kingdom of the West, respectively; the knight is wearing the
coronet of Cynagua. The entire layout was stolen from an 18th century
bookplate (the supporters were lions)." -- Tatiana

Photo and Contribution by Tatiana Nikolaevna Tumanova

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