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Midrealm "Response" Scroll

Midrealm "Response" Scroll
Calligraphy by Richard of Aldertree
Illumination by DanaŽ FitzRoberts
Close-up Photos of this scroll

Photo and Contribution by
Richard of Aldertree

"Here is the Midrealm response scroll. Lady DanaŽ FitzRoberts did the illumination and I put some letters on the bottom.
     The top panel shows Alden and Constantina joining Pieter and Nan Astrid at a feast and dancing afterwards. The animals by the musicians are my ermine rat and DanaŽ's peacock, and if you look closely, you can see they are playing rock, paper and scissors.
     The second panel shows the harvest and their Majesties enjoying a horseback ride.
     The third shows the Pennsic war arrow arriving and a little demon whispering in the King of the East's ear. Also shown is the Prince of Cynagua with the fighters attacking the Eastern fighters who are too poor to wear helmets, and at their feet is bowling ball (refering to a calibration test that Peiter had done years ago) -- notice that there are ten Easterners felled there.
     The fourth panel shows lots of battle and members of the Queen's guard who are travelling to Pennsic are hinted at. Notice again that the Easterners are too poor to buy helmets and wear only mail.
     The last panel shows the Archangel Gabriel resting his hand on the King of the West's shoulder and both sounding their horns. The King of the Middle is seen smiting the King of the East with a blow to the head as he tries to escape. The Eastern city crumbles as the walls of Jericho, and the Midrealm Dragon is seen with the tail and foot of the Eastern tiger sticking out of his mouth.
     There are other little touches but take a look for yourself ..." -- Richard of Aldertree

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