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Juana Isabella de Montoya y Ramirez, Duquessa (Duchess)

Juana Duquessa Scroll
Juana Duquessa Scroll
The complete scroll
Juana Duquessa Scroll
Juana Duquessa Scroll
Juana Isabella de Montoya y Ramirez, Duquessa (Duchess) by Nerissa de Saye

Photo by and Contribution
by Nerissa de Saye

"This Manuscript was tailor made for Juana. It is a bit larger than A3 in size.

Within the SCA, she has reigned as Queen of the West Kingdom twice, and was therefore elevated to the rank of Duchess. Since this is the highest award a SCAdian can receive, I felt I had to make it good! Suffice to say, I consider this my first true masterpiece, and have included here several close-ups of it.

Based on a style from approximately mid to late fifteenth cantury Spain, it includes all the elements Juana requested.... space for both the Kingdom and Herald wax seals, some roses, strawberries, gold and red stripes, a castle, a boat, lions, and of course her SCA heraldry. I have incorporated all these elements either within the border, or as part of the miniature.

As with many miniatures, there are two different scenes depicted, broken by an architectural feature. On the right is Juana receiving her Ducal crown, and on the left she is pictured sailing off on her new adventures as a Duchess." -- Nerissa de Saye

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