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Elspeth Turberville, Viscountess

Elspeth Viscountess Scroll
The complete scroll
Elspeth Viscountess Scroll
Elspeth Viscountess Scroll
Elspeth Turberville, Viscountess by Nerissa de Saye

Photo by and Contribution
by Nerissa de Saye

"This work is my most recent, and was completed a few weeks before my elevation to the order of the Laurel. This MS is a bit larger than A3 in size.

NB: The most rewarding close up to view is at the bottom of this page.

Within the SCA, Elspeth has reigned as Princess of Lochac (Australia), and was therefore elevated to the rank of Viscountess. Since she adores horses - as can be seen upon her heraldry - I included running horses linked together around some edges (which I had to completely design, based on linked stork designs).

My initial concern was with the composition. I wanted to produce a work that would showcase my ability while not being too over-the-top. Looking at the Book of Kells, there are heavily decorated pages, or scant pages. Thankfully, I found a particular page in the Lindisfairne Gospels which incorporated a happy balance of text and decoration, and based my composition on this.

I was also concerned about having to use a standard shield-shape, which was obviously not period for 9th century Celts. I checked with the relevant people to see if I could get away with incorporating the heraldic device as a part of the decorated areas. Then the painting began!

Strangely enough, I have never been overly fond of celtic knotwork, but I tried my hand at it anyway, and the results are shown below." -- Nerissa de Saye

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