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Eric Van Roosebeke, Viscount

Eric Van Roosebeke, Viscount Scroll
by Eliška z Jihlavy.

Photo and Contribution
by Wilhelm von Homburg

"This scroll was a labor of love for Eric van Roosebeke, a former champion of mine whom I felt did a great job as Prince of Cynagua - it was barely ready to present to him on the day he stepped down and was made Viscount (I finished it the night before!)

"The piece is done on heavy cream colored Pergamenata, with text in black and gold ink (my first piece using a dip pen instead of a cartridge), W&N gouache and real gold leaf. The format is based on Flemish Books of Hours from the 15th century, with a fair amount Burgundian influence as well. The text is pretty much the standard award text, translated into Flemish through some contacts of Duke Garick von Kopke, one of Eric's knights - there's a little "joke" in the text, which you'd have to read Flemish to pick up <g>. The gold text in the border is the English language version, for the herald to sign off.

Many of the illumination elements are personal to Eric, including the helm above his arms, the coronet (based on his own coronet, which hadn't been delivered yet), the Flemish lions supporting the Cynaguan seal, and devices down the left border from top to bottom they are the Cynaguan populace badge, Garick's arms, Duke Conor Weisszahn's arms (Eric's other knight), and the von Schwetzingen household badge (Eric is a member of our house). Additionally, the mottos were specifically requested - the vertical motto is in Flemish, and translates to "Better to lose wealth and land than to swear a false oath", while the horizontal motto is latin for "Honor above everything", the motto Eric fights under." -- Eliška z Jihlavy

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