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Eona Thorhalla, Viscountess

Eona Thorhalla, Viscountess Scroll
Calligraphy and Illumination by Eliška z Jihlavy,
Faces painted by Teleri Tawel

Photo and Contribution
by Eliška z Jihlavy

"I couldn't resist the chance to take these assignments, as I'd never played with a Roman hand before - I really had fun with the Rustica, and was relieved to find period sources that actually separated words with the little dots (otherwise it gets incredibly hard to read!)

The illumination elements are a little more "clip art" than I like to work with, but Roman art from the 4th - 6th centuries was surprisingly fluid and energetic, and I needed a more formal composition for these scrolls. Almost all the elements are taken from period sources Titus' personifications of Honor and Courage are based on figures from the Ilias Ambrosiana (5th c), the borders are lifted from the Vienna Dioscurides (6th c), and the architectural backdrops are from the Vienna Genesis (6th c). Eona's personifications of Joy and Harmony are taken from clips of Victorian drawings, because I couldn't find anything better to suit the mood. (oh well!)

Eona's scroll commemorates her Patent, but is not officially heraldic as she has no registered device, and her name isn't registered (nor is Titus'). I used the Roman device of an "author portrait" with her represented in her Investiture garb in a medallion, based on a Carolingian copy of a 5th century comedy by Calliopius." -- Eliška z Jihlavy

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