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Dauid ap Morgant Dinefwr, Award of Arms

Dauid ap Morgant Dinefwr, Award of Arms Scroll
Calligraphy and Illumination by Eliška z Jihlavy

Photo and Contribution
by Eliška z Jihlavy

"This was my first attempt at a document style award scroll. I had actually chosen a rather typical 15th century grant of arms document, with large capital a two floral borders, as my model, but I made the mistake of asking Fabian and another Sturmbock member, Raffaelle, what they thought of it for Dauid (also a Sturmbocker)... "really cool - except couldn't you put some fighting in with all those flowers?" I had already realized my mistake, but they were off, tearing through my scribal sources, looking scenes of blood and mayhem!

I finally came up with a design that pleased them, which incorporated Dauid slaying mightily with his bow, a castle flying the colors of the West, the Mists, and Cynagua, Sturmbock marching out, flying a banner that roughly translates, "Save some for us to kill!" Not everyone is represented, but from left to right are Fabian, Bjorn, Alvar, Sebastian, Christopher, Conor, Gemini, Cathal, Ariel and Cassie (the rest of the unit is back at the Saucy Wench camp, sleeping it off....)

The text is a little unusual in its verbosity, but it's hard to get enough words on an award scroll to really emulate a period document. Lucky for me, His Excellency Hans happened to be outside fixing my truck, so I was able to pick his brain for some royal words (including the reason for the award) to stretch things out a bit.

The scroll is designed so that the pendant seals can actually sit on the extra paper, for ease of framing, or for a more period look, the extra could be sliced off right below the fold that the ribbons are punched through..." -- Eliška z Jihlavy

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