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Geoffrey of Griffinhold, Knight

The full scroll
Geoffrey of Griffinhold's Knight scroll, by Aldith Angharad St. George
(Note: the scroll was done in black and white only ... you can see a bit
of red in the seals ...)

Photos by Hal Ravn,
Contribution by Aldith Angharad St. George

I had wanted to do a scroll in pen & ink for some time, and this is the first one I got to do. I had gotten a copy of the Dover book of the The Complete Woodcuts of Albrecht Durer, and I was fixated on the woocuts he did for the Triumphal Arch of Emperor Maximilian I. The columns on either side of the scroll, in particular, are straight out of Durer. Geoffrey's lady, Kira, is shown holding the badge of the seneschalate at the bottom of the columns, in reference to Geoffrey's service as Kingdom Seneschal. The grapevine motif on the arch is a reference to Geoffrey and Kira's home in the Barony of Vinhold.

The heraldry was difficult: to show the emblazon correctly in black & white, I used "tricking". This is a method of depicting heraldic tinctures in a standardized manner for heraldic illustrations that were engraved and printed, and it developed in the 18th c. The other problem I had was that I didn't know that you could use tracing paper to make mantling the same on each side of the helm, so I drew it from scratch on both sides. I used the "tricking" method for the colors of the mantling as well as the device.

The scroll was drawn on 100% rag Strathmore 3-ply Bristol Vellum. I seldom use any other surface for scrolls, unless I'm using vellum. The calligraphy was done in a 15th c. Fraktur, which is consistent with the illumination. The illumination was drawn with Crow Quill metal nib, using Higgins Black India Ink -- the calligraphy was done in Higgins Black India also, using a 1 1/2mm Brause nib.

-- Aldith Angharad St. George

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