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Past Royalty of the West

This part of the History Website is really multi-purpose. It started out being aimed at giving artists and artisans who wish to know what the arms of the royalty look like a place to go ... The other purpose is that it is a listing of all the Past Royalty of the West Kingdom, and when their reigns started.

This will be updated as various artists have time to get the arms to me, and so on. There are links for the event page on the regular part of the History for the Coronation or Investiture event where the Royal Couple were Crowned or Invested. If you want to know more about that reign, this is a way to start ...

West Kingdom
Kings and Queens of the West Kingdom
Principality of the Mists
Princess and Princesses of the Mists
Principality of Cynagua
Princes and Princesses of Cynagua
Principality of Oertha
Princes and Princesses of Oertha
(includes Lord Defenders and Ladies of the Snow)

No Longer Part of the West
Principality of Atenveldt
Princes and Princesses of Atenveldt
Principality of Caid
Princes and Princesses of Caid
Principality of An Tir
Princes and Princesses of An Tir
Principality of Lochac
Princes and Princesses of Lochac

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