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Photos from Other Sites

September, 2009

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Since the West Kingdom History Website was created, new web services have developed that allow people to host their photos in a variety of ways.

As the number of photographs from events grows exponentially (more people with cameras, more digital cameras – meaning the process of creating photos is much easier, and making them available to others is much easier), it has been determined that there is no way to keep up with all of the photographs being put out there.

(Note that in all cases “this site” refers to the West Kingdom History Website.)

Hence, the following policy for this website, regarding photographs on other websites:

With all of the above stated, and understood, if you have photographs from events hosted on some other website, either your own or a photograph hosting service (such as SmugMug), please email the manager of this website with the link(s) and event(s) and a link will be placed into the event description part of the website (see the "Contact" link at the bottom of the main web page ...).

Be sure the email includes:

  1. The event the link is for (Name of event, year ... preferably SCA year);
  2. The URL (web address) where the photos for the specific event are for hosted;
  3. Your (SCA) name

That's really all that is necessary.

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