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Event Descriptions Added to The History Site

In the spring of 2007 I (HvH) started adding event descriptions that were published in the newsletters (starting with Tournaments Illuminated, then The Tribune and now The Page). This is for historical purposes only.

You will notice if you read these descriptions that mundane names are omitted when they will be connected with SCA names (there are a few places that the only name given is the mundane name in the early event copy); directions to events are removed; contact information is removed (addresses, phone numbers, and in more recent event copy email addresses) -- often referenced by "(phone)" or "(contact info omitted)" and such in the event descriptions. After the first few years, if an event had a schedule laid out, it is omitted. While interesting, it can get tedious trying to lay those out, and they start reading the same after awhile. Part of this is to comply with the concerns by the SCA's Corporation about posting that information on the web without permission, but also because it could lead to problems for the people listed.

Early Events

In the first 13 years, as many events were both described in the newsletters and a brief description was in the history by Wilhelm von Schlüssel, I started comparing the newsletters against Wilhelm's history -- not all events had copy in the newsletters (it wasn't required back then), and some of the summaries by Wilhelm cover all the salient points that are in the newsletter, so I didn't always copy the event description over.

After Wilhelm's history ends (Purgatorio, AS XIII), all events on the calendar should have Page copy, but if they aren't listed, there won't be a link for them. Some of these are really interesting reading, and some are here just for historical completeness ... local branches may find them interesting to see the evolution of their own groups, for example.

Current status: ALL issues of The Page that needed scanning have been completed. Moving forward, as we have electronic copies of The Page available, pulling the text for this site is much easier ...

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