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Voices from the Past

Articles from Old Newsletters and Elsewhere

Spending some time looking at old newsletters can be fascinating at times. This section of the History Website (added November, 2014) came about from Duke Henrik of Havn having donated photocopies of some of the earliest issues of Tournaments Illuminated to my library of Kingdom newsletters. In the earliest days TI was the SCA/Kingdom newsletter. Over time it became the SCA newsletter, full of articles on costuming, and many other things.

When I was putting these new copies into the binders (the originals were mimeographed ...) I actually read some of the articles, found some of them to be really fascinating, and have added them here. I retyped them from the originals, as I could not get my scanner to do anything other than make pictures of them which meant I could not pull the text out. Technology is wonderful, but in some cases it doesn't work quite as well as one might like.

Anyway, these are here for your enjoyment, edification, enlightmentment, and an insight to the earliest days of the SCA ...

From Tournaments Illuminated, Vol. I, Issue 4, Winter Solstice Issue, 1967 (A.S. II)

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!, Sir Dinosaur the Green

From Tournaments Illuminated, Vol. I, Issue 8, Late summer/Fall, 1968 (A.S. III)

On Incorporation, The Red Baron (Jon de Cles)

On Courtesy, Leanne of Maywood

From Tournaments Illuminated, Vol. I, Issue 10, Spring, 1969 (A.S. III)

Chivalry, The Red Baron (Jon de Cles)

The Fine Art of Ladyship, Diana Listmaker

Other Items of Interest

A Handbook of the (Current) Middle Ages -- Baycon, for the 26th World Science Fiction Convention -- Sept. 2, 1968, provided by Drusticc inigena Eddarrnonn, of Ynys Fawr, Lochac

Guidelines for Autocrats, 1981 -- from Lochac, provided by Drusticc inigena Eddarrnonn, of Ynys Fawr, Lochac -- "Adapted from 'Guidelines for Autocrats' by Mistress Rowena d'Anjou, Feb 81."

Boncueur's Field Heraldry Guide, 1973 -- made available from Facebook, found in the Ysgithrian Heraldic Symposia documents, by Ben Baron who scanned it to PDF. Like many of these articles, this was a product of its time, so please keep it in mind if you read it through. As a "modern" herald, it is a little painful to read parts of it ... (Hirsch)

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