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On Incorporation of the SCA

The Red Baron (Jon de Cles)

From: Tournaments Illuminated, Volume 1, Issue 8 (Late Summer/Early Fall, 1968 (A.S. III), the "Incipit" article at the beginning of T.I. ...


SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS is the little "Inc." which appears after Society for Creative Anachronism in the above paragraph. This may surprise some of you, but it will not surprise anyone who has ever volunteered to be a Supreme Autocrat. The responsibilities inherent in that illustrious position are such that incorporation has become a necessity; either that, or let the Red Baron continue to do all the signing of papers and take all financial and legal responsibilities unto himself, which, unprotected by the law, I can assure you, he is not willing to do! Hence, the Society will, by the time this issue of T.I., is in your hands, be a non-profit corporation under California legal codes. --And it will no longer be necessary for a person to take his entire financial welfare into account if and when he volunteers to stage a single event on behalf of the Society; as has been the case for the past three years.

OF COURSE, the incorporation costs something. Nothing that is done with regard to the law is free. However, thanks to the fact that one of our members is a lawyer, we are getting it done at the lowest possible cost. (When will he get to the point? I can hear them asking.) My wife and I have already put up $50.00 toward the costs, part of which, at least, we are hoping to get back through contributions at a later date. But right now, in the next couple of months, we will need to amass another $65.00. Therefore: PLEASE SEND MONEY. You'll have to look on it as a contribution, and as yet we can't even offer you tax exemption on it (though we are looking into that as well), but we've already gotten several small contributions, so we don't anticipate too much difficulty in collecting it. Thank you all for your generosity, and here's hoping!


[Editor's Note: There was other material in this article, but this is the part that stood out -- I have not seen anywhere else Jon de Cles discuss this, so thought it should be brought to light ... -- Hirsch]

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