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Officer Lists

One area that can be a bit confusing is who was a specific officer when. The following is a breakdown of offices, linking to a page that will display historical listings of all people who have held the office, and as close to the date that they stepped up as possible. This information was gleaned by going through back issues of Tournaments Illuminated (when it was the West Kingdom Newsletter), The Tribune, and The Page. Accuracy is only as good as the information I could glean from the newsletters, many times the only way of knowing if an office changed hands is a change in the 'Regnum' listing at the back of the newsletter (when that existed). The information will include Principalities of the West when that information is available. If someone knows better, and can provide more accurate dates, please do so.

Note that the newsletters in my (Hirsch's) possession go back a long way, but are not complete.

Reading some of the information in early issues of newsletters and fliers is interesting, as phone numbers are given, with titles (i.e., "call the Seneschal at Rivendell, <insert phone number> or the Supreme Autocrat (Mayhem House), <insert phone number> (Palo Alto), or the Chatelaine <insert phone number> (Berkeley).")

In addition, in early issues (around 1969), after the Kingdoms of the East and the Middle had started to get going, there are references to the Kingdom of the Mists, which is now called the Kingdom of the West. There was no "Regnum" listing in the early newsletters, so I had to dig in the text, and try to find what information and references I could ... Other interesting notes are that the "Principality of the Mists" appears for quite some time as a designator for the central part of the West, even though it was not ruled by a Prince or Princess up until the time when it was officially deemed a Principality of the same status of An Tir and Caid. It was used as a general term for all branches not covered by the Principalities of An Tir and Caid at that time ...

It wasn't until July, AS VIII (1973) that the Chroniclers started listing officers, and even then, not all could fit in the space provided ... It wasn't until May of 1980 that something resembling a full 'Regnum' was shown (and that was sporadic, every few months, for a few years).

In addition, I have tried to reconcile the lists here with information provided by Hilary of Serendip in the Annotated History of the West Appendices (which can be seen at: Officer Lists).

PLEASE HELP: If you know of different information, please contact me (see the contact info on the main page of this site), with name of officer, when the tenure began, and where you have it cited ... I could easily have missed something in the newsletters available to me, and many things were not chronicled in the Kingdom newsletter, and of course, often offices changed hands before they were published in The Page. In addition, human error is likely to creep into these things (especially after spending days of staring at newsletters to find the data shown).

In addition, when an office changes hands, please drop me a note so I can update this part of the site ...

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Greater Officers

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Lesser Officers

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