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Officer Lists -- Scribes

First listed in The Page as "The Brotherhood of Scribes" ... It wasn't until July(?) of 1971, when the College of Scribes was created. In 2016, the College of Scribes was changed to a Guild, and is no longer considered to be an office of the West Kingdom.

KingdomTenure Started
Alisande de RohanJanuary, 1971
Andre de SevastopolOctober, 1972
Christina of the Runes?
Annette of Faire MonteFebruary, 1973
Merewyn de LyonesseAugust, 1978
Aricia Kirsten DeverauxJanuary, 1984
Tatiana Nikolaevna TumanovaApril, 1987
Douglas Edwin MacAllestyrJanuary, 1988
Aldith Angharad St. GeorgeAugust, 1988
William the LuckyOctober, 1989
Branwen ferch EmrysOctober, 1993
Sean Tracy of NewburyJanuary, 1995
Aldith Angharad St. GeorgeJanuary, 1996
Juana Isabella de Montoya y RamirezJune, 1999
Aja de VareseMay, 2004
Richard de Camville (Interim)August, 2005
Aja de VareseJanuary, 2006
Eliška z JihlavyMay, 2006
Danaë FitzRobertsApril, 2008
Vera VeshniakovaMay, 2010
Haley an Eich GilAugust, 2012
Eliška z JihlavyJanuary, 2015
--- Scribes Office Now a Guild ---
The West Kingdom Company of Scriveners and Limners
June, 2016
An Tir (Principality of)
Theodulf of BorogroveDecember, 1974
--- Now a Kingdom ---
Caid (Principality of)
Galen of SheltyApril, 1974
Bjo of GriffinDecember, 1974
Frances of DragonsforgeMarch, 1976
--- Now a Kingdom ---
The Mists (Principality of) -- Seawolf Scribe
Megan SilverstarOctober, 1983
Douglas Edwin MacAllestyrOctober, 1987
Coranna of Cavan
(aka Morgan Athenry)
October, 1987
Branwen ferch EmrysJanuary, 1990
Teresa le MarchantOctober, 1993
Maria del NorteDecember, 1997
Francois ThibaultOctober, 1998
Branwen ferch EmrysApril, 1999
Rose de Le MansMay, 2001
Eliška z JihlavyMay, 2004
Maria del NorteNovember, 2005
Evaine MacGregerNovember, 2007
Constance LymnourSeptember, 2008
Johanna Ludwiger von HertesbergkNovember, 2009
Eliška z JihlavyApril, 2011
Richard of Alder TreeNovember, 2012
Umm Sitt al-Sirr Fatimah al-Zahra' bint Rashid (aka Inara)November, 2014
Cynagua (Principality of) -- Sable Swan Scribe
Megan SilverstarOctober, 1983
Sharra ni PerranJanuary, 1985
Eric BearsbaneJanuary, 1990
Lucrezia CaraccioloMay, 1992
Kaitlin MacPhersonAugust, 1994
Bjorn Jorsalfer of BearhavenApril, 2000
Hilarie the PuppeteerNovember, 2000
Siranna of Hawthorne HallJuly, 2001
Kateryn de VerJuly, 2005
Danaë FitzRobertsOctober, 2005
Stefana dei Medici?
Africa nic Shiomha nic Gill'onfhaidhJuly, 2011
Catriona MorganOctober, 2013
Moira O'ConnorJanuary, 2016
Oertha (Principality of) -- Stellanordica Scribe
Penelope O'SuileabhainDecember, 1993
Richenza von HughJanuary, 1995
Anne of BradfordJune, 2000
Helena OchastkaOctober, 2002
Bianca Rose ByrnesSeptember, 2003
Gwynneth Rhiannon of the SeaJanuary, 2005
Bianca Rose ByrnesMarch, 2009
Gwynneth Rhiannon of the SeaJanuary, (?)
Marjorie de ffeyrefeldMarch, 2009
Hraği KöttrJuly, 2015
Lochac (Principality of) -- Crux Australis Scribe
Rowan PerigrynneOctober, 1987
Alarice Beatrix von ThalJanuary, 1990
Rhianwen ni DhiarmadaMarch, 1992
Branwen of WerchesvordeApril, 2000
Giles de LavalMarch, 2001
--- Now a Kingdom ---

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