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Officer Lists -- Minister of the Lists

KingdomTenure Started
Rachel of Bon Repos1968
Diana (Listmaker)May, 1969
Karina of the Far West?
Janet Breakstone?
Gormflait ni Cuallachta, Rachel of Bon ReposMarch, 1972
Annette of Faire Monte, Rachel of Bon ReposJuly, 1973
Morrigan Fitz-RolfAugust, 1974
Gwendwyn the SilentJune, 1978
Lachlin niColinApril, 1981
Dagian MacCasterJune, 1983
Anne of FawnhavenMay, 1986
Christiona BhanMay, 1989
Anna von BruggesNovember, 1990
Marjorie of BethanyMarch, 1992
Harold von RheinfeldenMay, 1995
Alys GrayeAugust, 1997
Eliza O'DonneganSeptember, 1999
Eowyn d'AgincourtNovember, 2002
Elsa SaxenkammerJune, 2005
Fiore Leone de FirenzeJune, 2007
Cynthia de Greenfield, Caitlin O'ByrneJune, 2009
Megan nic Alister of ThornwoodJune, 2011
Eilis O'BoirneJanuary, 2014
Alistair of AvalonJanuary, 2015
An Tir (Principality of)
Ludwig von LemminghausMay, 1980
Aislinn of CumbriaJune, 1981
--- Now a Kingdom ---
The Mists (Principality of)
Alyson of Hoghton (Allison de Saint-Loup)May, 1978
Megan SilverstarSeptember, 1979
Jeanett of BriarroseJune, 1981
Ingrid the FaireOctober, 1983
Jania of Call Duck ManorJanuary, 1985
Cordelia TosereJanuary, 1990
Megan nic AlisterSeptember, 1992
Alys GrayeMay, 1994
Cynthia de GreenfieldJune, 1996
Arianwen o'AberystwythMay, 1999
Katherine of the MistsJune, 2001
Emma Fitzwilliam(?)
Megan nic AlisterSeptember, 2006
Arabella McQuhargNovember, 2008
Morgana di Marco VecchielliNovember, 2010
Anastacia of WarwickOctober, 2014
Cynagua (Principality of)
Lachlin ni ColinMay, 1980
Katya WandererMay, 1983
Mireille de FerrierJanuary, 1985
Susan of ColdwellJanuary, 1990
Filitia SerenaJuly, 1991
Tashi of Falcon's ClawJune, 1994
Eowyn d'AgincourtOctober, 1996
Criste BuchananJuly, 2000
Teresa Maria Isabella CastroSeptember, 2002
Gwendwyn the SilentMay, 2005
Chatherine de MaillyJuly, 2008
Katrina YarbroughJanuary, 2010
Aurora KomneneJanuary, 2012
Arianwen ferch MorganOctober, 2015
Oertha (Principality of)
Fanchion MountaintamerDecember, 1983
Annora de Montfort of ShadowwoodSeptember, 1993
Katla of BergenJune, 1994
Deedra the NaughtyMarch, 1998
Allen MacGregorOctober, 1999
Christopher the CheesemakerOctober, 2002
KieraJanuary, 2006
Margery GarretJuly, 2016
Lochac (Principality of)
Glynhvar of River HavenJanuary, 1990
Kane GreymaneMarch, 1992
Rhianwen ni DiarmadaApril, 2000
--- Now a Kingdom ---

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