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Officer Lists -- Equestrian Arts

KingdomTenure Started
Suzanne of RavenhillJuly, 1971
Henrik of HavnJanuary, 1976
Cliveden d'ChieuxMay, 1980
Aelswyth of CoventryMarch, 1987
Iseult nic ElamDecember, 1990
Christian du GlaiveSeptember, 1996
Michael Hugh StuartsApril, 1998
Rosewitha WolfsdottirJune, 1999
Henrik of HavnJune, 2002
Marguerite du RoyonMay, 2004
Gwendwyn the SilentJanuary, 2006
Siobhan ni SeaghdhaJanuary, 2009
Hamish MacGowanJanuary, 2010
Else HünrvogtJanuary, 2014
Juliana of AvonJanuary, 2016
Caid (Principality of)
Cliveden d'ChieuxSeptember, 1976
--- Now a Kingdom ---
The Mists (Principality of)
Elisabeth de ChampagneMarch, 2003
Collette de RaynchevalNovember, 2004
Marguerite du RoyonNovember, 2007
Genevieve de VendomeMarch, 2011
Hamish MacGowanJune, 2014
Cynagua (Principality of)
Siobhan ni SeaghdhaMarch, 2003
Aricia Jehane DeverauxJanuary, 2005
Ryzzsa PolanderJanuary, 2007
Juliana of AvonAugust, 2008(?)
Arianwen ferch Morgan August, 2009
Helga Hrossmare (Helga skjaldmær)June, 2010
Haley an Eich GilJuly, 2012
Kathryn OnoraJuly, 2014
Siobhan ni SeaghdhaJuly, 2017
Oertha (Principality of)
Clare Elena de MontfortJuly, 2006

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