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Officer Lists -- Children/Page School/Chancellor Minor

Kingdom Children's OfficeTenure Started
Ava Trudine of TregoenningMay, 1984
Gleda EiriksdottirMarch, 1986
Amber AdrianaMay, 1986
Rosewitha WolfsdottirAugust, 1987
Kingdom Page School / Chancellor Minor
Siobhan of CloverdaleFebruary, 1988
Cillene MacRorieMay, 1990
Caiterina nic SheamusMarch, 1992
Duncan VitrariusJune, 1994
Morrin ScatlochMay, 1996
Quirin TaliesinJanuary, 1998
Angus Duncan CameronMarch, 2000
Ivan Ivanovich ot StreltsovFebruary, 2004
Flavius Dagonus Agricola(?)
Gregor Eilburg (aka Gregor of Caer Darth) and Isolde BellesonJune, 2008
Jolie' DelarueFebruary, 2014
Chancellor Minor (Title change)
Jolie' Delarue
March, 2015
Johanna Ludwiger von Hertesbergk
May, 2016
Safiya bint Zakariya al-TayyibAugust, 2016
The Mists (Principality of)
Lucia die NaherinOctober, 1988
Cillene MacRorieApril, 1989
Deborah FitzwilliamNovember, 1995
Ursus Orric WarwickMay, 1998
Ivan Ivanovich ot StretlsovMay, 1999
Gianetta del BeneDecember, 2003
Rhys GethinNovember, 2005
Flavius Dagonus AgricolaOctober, 2010
Cynagua (Principality of)
Siobhan ni Seaghda1983
Aislin of BreemoreOctober, 1988
Megan nic Gill'onfaidhMay, 1990
Dechtrie of CuillgueJuly, 1991
Cyneburh of CantwaraburgJune, 1994
Mercedes Cervantes-DiazDecember, 1996
Brenna of BethanyDecember, 1999
TamarMay, 2001
Edward le KervereJuly, 2003
Louise Du Chatte Bleue(?)
VACANTJuly, 2010
Yukiko HosakawaJanuary, 2011
Oertha (Principality of)
Penelope O'SuileabhainDecember, 1993
Gwyneth Rhiannon of the SeaJanuary, 2007
Isabella HawkeJanuary, 2015

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