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West Chivalry Generations

Last Updated: April 14, 2017

On the 12th of April I received the following from Viscount Sir Geoffrey Scott:

I was looking at the awards list last week and I was curious about the generations of chivalry. There used to be an outdated list of the generations of SCA chivalry, but the link at doesn’t work anymore. Anyway, I made up a tree in Excel showing the West Kingdom chivalry and I thought that you might be interested in it.

Sheet 3 of the spreadsheet is the interesting bit. Sheet 1 is just copied from the awards list and sheet 2 is sorted by who did the knighting. Sheet 3 is broken down into a tree structure. It shows who each king knighted, and who (if any) they knighted. So each knight can trace their “knighting lineage” back to Henrick.

It all worked out pretty well until Roger & Mikolaj, who were not knighted by a Western king. :-)

In order to make this useful, I have chosen to post Geoffrey's original Excel Workbook, as well as a PDF of the third sheet, which is the "tree structure", mentioned above. I added a note about Ardral's knighting (the first Knight of the SCA), and a header for any printouts, and for the PDF. -- Hirsch

This Needs a Keeper: Or perhaps a "maintainer", someone willing to be responsible for keeping it up to date. If you are interested, please contact the Kingdom Historian. If you are interested in enhancing it, keep in mind that takes a lot of work as well. There was discussion as soon as a link to this was posted on Facebook, of adding lineage / squire notations, that would take a lot of effort to hunt down and add in a meaningful way. I would leave that up to whoever was maintaining the list. -- Hirsch



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