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A Prejudiced History of the Board of Directors

by David C. Thewlis
Duke Siegfried von Hoflichskeit
October 16, XX, 1985

I was sent this document during the various discussions of the West Kingdom History, as I was conversing with many of the folk who created the SCA over the years. While looking for something else in the box of old emails that comprise the basis for the "Annotated History of the West" (and the basis for this website), I found this document, and since I now have a scanner, I felt it a good idea to scan and get it up so people who are interested might be able to see it. This is a 15 page document, done with a typewriter, and I received a photocopy (I thought at first it might be a dot-matrix printer). It is an ... interesting ... read. Please remember that this is one person's viewpoint, and as noted by the title is prejudiced. Hirsch von Henford, West Kingdom Historian

A Prejdudiced History of the Board of Directors


Iíve just gone back and read my own pontificating, from 35 years ago. Iím not going to comment upon the content: that was how I saw things then, and pretty much the way I remember them now (but greatly diluted by fading memory and time). I donít remember ever doing the promised completion for my second term ó of which probably the most significant thing was the Great Poll on how and what the SCA should be doing, and the Board meeting in Houston in (early 1984?) where we reported on the responses and the analysis thereof. (I managed to arrange to get all of the responses keypunched (this was REALLY a long time ago) and entered into SAS, a statistical analysis system) and produced a lot of decent analyses of them.)

I will root through what historical stuff I have left (most of it went to the SCA Archivist a couple of years ago) and see if I ever tried to complete the document and if so Iíll send an update to Hirsch.

Oddly, what really stood out to me was the type font ó this was prior to personal computing and I composed this thing on my typewriter, and this is almost certainly a first (and final) draft. Iíve gotten much more sloppy with word processing.

And supporting Hirsch, this is really one personís view of the situations, composed when I got on the Board for the second time, and intended as a briefing document for new Board members (with appropriate disclaimers), not ex cathedra truth. It was and is how I saw it at the time.

-- Dave/SvH

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