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The Oerthan Coloring Book

Once upon a time there was a region in the northern part of the West Kingdom about to become a Principality.

In that region was a herald (Hirsch von Henford) who thought it would be really cool to have a coloring book of the armory of all the people in Oertha who had arms. This herald was also a Laurel who had an apprentice who was a talented artist (Daemus Rath von Falk). The young apprentice put in many hours and worked hard at the direction of his Laurel, and created the first-ever Oerthan Coloring Book. There were others who helped (see the second page ...), but most of the work was by Lord Daemus.

The goal (which was achieved) was for this to be completed in time for the first Coronet Tournament and Investiture, January 20, AS XIX (1985).

The original surfaced in someone's collection lately, uncolored, and is now available for you to peruse and enjoy the artwork of Daemus and other contributors, and the armory of some of the early armigers, peers, and others in Oertha. The scanning was done by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov, who has been putting out updates to this book over the years.

(One error: The arms of Anne of Bradford should have straight lines of the "chape" ... I mistakenly told Daemus that they were what is really "chape ploye", and he followed my instruction ... darn it ...)

The (Original) Oerthan Heraldic Coloring Book (1985)

Khevron has posted the most recent update here:
The current Oerthan Heraldic Coloring Book

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