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In Memoriam

Wendel Scott (aka Captain Scott)

Scott Milbrandt died in a motorcyle accident March 27, 2008.

In the SCA Wendel Scott was more commonly known as "Captain Scott", he was named a Baron of the Court of the West, and was granted the Cambium from the Prince and Princess of Cynagua.

"I have no words to mention that how this was a complete shock to all who had recently spoke with him and those who knew him over the years as both a friend and a aquaintance. This is truly a loss among us all."

Ximon Martillo De Cordoba

"So once again, the West Kingdom loses another Rider.

"This is indeed sad news to all who knew Cpt. Scott.

"I was fond of Scott and considered him a friend. I will miss him dearly."

Gilbert' deLongespee

"I was part of his ship and acting crew, when he first started in the West, and due to a very bad misunderstanding, I "jumped" ship for another. I will always grateful for the time that I had learning, growing, changing, raising a glass with the one that Is called Captain Scott. He will always be a man of wisdom and tender heart to reach out to others, while making a "debulm" or two along the way. I will always remember the good times, but also, with regret not clearing the air, patching the torn flag of the mighty ship that he once Captained. He was a good Captain, of whom I only wish fair seas and safe travels to the treasures that might meet him where he goes.

"I am so sorry to have not reached out as now time has passed and can never be changed. Please don't let this happen to you, as my heart is so heavy now!

"Sincerly greived and saddened,"

Sarah Elizabeth

"PS: As my feeble memory serves me now, His wife, Loretta, didn't play, but she supported him in his passion. He also, had one daughter that is probably married now, Jenny who was at one time in AZ working for her aunt. These things I remember, but also know that they could be fuzzy as they were 10+ years ago. He use to merchant swords, pirate stuff and had a huge mast that he use to have his "friend" hang from, the example of anyone who tried to cross him. He loved to go to the Vahalla Renn. Faire each year. "

"Davy Jones has now a new officer for his eternal crew; headstrong, proud, and as good a shipmate to be found. Perhaps never again to our port, but I seem to see him yet, sea legs on a ghostly quarterdeck and a trusted hand to the helm. We have lost a bold heart."

Wylowen [Wilowen of Stuarts]

"I have one scene playing over and over as I think of the loss of a wonderful man. My shire did a Boy Scout Demo in November 2006. Alison and Capt. Scott came to the demo and he brought a bundle of his loot and his letters of mark and all his lovely things. He had so much fun showing the kids the items in his collection and making the range the SCA covers so very interesting to all the kids there big and small. He always had a smile when I saw him and it was contagious. :) Travel well Capt. Scott. We will meet again..."

Katherine Robinson.

"Our Kingdom and personal lives are much poorer for the lost of (Capt.)Baron Scott. His Excellency and I mended our tattered fence long ago and became great friends. On behalf of my house and myself, deepest condolences to all of his friends, family, and loved ones."

Baroness Anastasia [Grindstead of Raven Oak] and House DarkClaw

"Unto the West,

"Know that it is with the greatest sorrow that We bow Our heads to say farewell to the man known to Us as Captain Wendell Scott of the KMA Defiant, Baron of the Court of the West. Captain Scott was a man of great passions, supreme talents, and a desire to make his mark in the world. We count Ourselves blessed to have spent 7 years in his company, to be accepted as honored visitors to his ship, and to never have actually been shanghaied and taken to sea against Our will- though the threat was mentioned more than once.

To where ever he may sail, let the winds blow fair, the women be fairer and the drink be aplenty."

Gemini~ Rex
Mari ~ Regina

"Capt. Scott was my SCA father, dear friend and a great inspiration and support to the Kali Ma. He will forever be missed."

Lady Rayna Dorian of the Kali Ma
Who hopes to see the Defiant's colors fly again...

"He helped many of us privateers become more active in the SCA. Without his guidance I'm not sure many of us would still be in the SCA. And he taught me that there is such a thing as an honorable scoundrel.

"Good bye Captain Scott, May the wind be forever at your back and your glass full."

Joshua J. Hitchcock
Captain Angus T. Murphy "Constable of the Mist"
(a.k.a. The artist formally know as Mc Stagger)

"Final official duty from the Communications Officer of the KMA Defiant:

"As my final duty as the Communications Officer, I make the final entry in the logbook of the KMA Defiant:

"Friday March 28 2008
"His Excellency Court Baron Captain Wendell of Scotts is on his way to see the Ferryman. May the Ferryman take his payment, and see Captain Scott safely to the welcoming arms of God. He will surely be missed.

"I now close the logbook of Captain Scott, place it upon his desk and set the KMA Defiant on a course due west into the sunset. Good bye my friend.

"Our hearts and prayers go out to Jennifer Milbrandt and her son.

"(3 bells sounding) Defiant departing."

Mr. Murphy, Communications Officer of the KMA Defiant

"As Captain Scott's lady and love, I wish to thank all who have posted kind words and prayers for his family. Wendell was becoming reacquainted with the SCA after an absence, and had begun to learn that most of us are just normal people. Although he admitted to having few he would call "friend", there were many of you he would gladly call "good acquaintance", and many of *those* were folks he met during the past 18 months.

"As his lady, my heart is broken beyond measure. He was my other half. He was everything I am not. And though I was not his first love (falling somewhere behind the sea, his ship, and his daughter and grandson), I know he loved me as much and as well as he could. And I know that I must and will go on, and honor his memory by being the best me I can be.

"And so, in his memory, I say now to you all: tell your loved ones you love them, as often as you can. Protect those you love at all cost. And, in echo of Their Majesties Gemini and Mari, "don't be stupid".

"Peace be with you all."

-Mistress Alison Gray, OP
Last Mistress of the KMA Defiant

Twelfth Night Coronation (January 5, 2002, AS XXXVI)

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