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In Memoriam

Thomas of St. Brendans

Tom Stolberg died in a helicopter accident, January 5, 2010, at the age of 32.

Thomas of St. Brendans, also known as "Blind Tom", was a member of the Corolla Muralis from the Prince and Princess of the Mists. He was a resident of Allyshia until recently, when he had moved to Caid ...

"The Allyshian "Blind Tom," Tom Stolberg, died today. I don't have the right words.

Tom joined the SCA while working on his Biology degree at Humboldt State University. Tom found that combining his loves of photography and cordial brewing, he could not only bring smiles of delight to our kingdom, but could leave us all with tangible memories.

Tom was one of four in a helicopter that went down in Madera County. Information about services will be posted to SCA West once we have permission from his family.

I will miss his smile most of all." -- Étaín du Pommier

Some Reminisces:
"I lived with Tom in the dorms at Humboldt State, on the other side of the wall from him, when he got me involved with the SCA. Always thinking of a new cordial concoction, researching a new "derivation" (one of his favorite words) on something and jotting it down in a notebook, or just taking his camera around with him everywhere. He had a kind of bluntness that seemed to be an anvil wrapped in foam, and was oblivious to small things in such a way that made him fascinating to be around. We were never for want of a laugh or food, as he would pull exorbitant amounts of anything out from his encampment, along with all the condiments and means to eat them. I can truly say he lived to see others happy and content, finding pleasure in helping others, and I count myself fortunate to have known such a true friend." -- Reinald Haldane

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October Crown Tournament (October 2-4, 2009, AS XLIV)

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