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In Memoriam

Sir Theodrik of Skane

Vert, masoned argent,
a compass-star and a
chief arched Or.

Derek W. Peterson died August 23, 2009 of an embolism in his leg.

Theodrik of Skane was a member of the Order of Chivalry of the West Kingdom, as well as a member of the Order of the Leaf of Merit, a Baron of the Court of the West, a holder of the Crown's Favor, Defender of the West, and several other awards. Theodrik served on several Queen's Guards as well as Princess' Guards for the Principality of the Mists.

Some Reminisces:

My friends, Viscount Sir Brandon d’ Arindel and Baron Master Caoimhín o Fiodhabrha are who informed me of the passing of Sir Theodrik of Skane. I remember Sir Theodrik, as we were in the Shire of Esfenn together when I lived in the area. It is sad to note Theodrik is the 5th of my Queen’s Guard who has passed into the Ethers. Though it is sad, it causes me to remember great times had by all with many smiling faces and great times of good times and many laughs at revels, feasts and fighter practices. Theodrik always seemed to be smiling! I remember Sir Theodrik being one of Esfenn’s hard-working shire members. The shire was young in the early 1980s and he was a good man who stepped forward to assist wherever he could. The shire was a group of people who played together well with good ideas of how to play the game! When Theodrik was Chronicler for The Esfenn Shieldwall and asked for cover art, I took his challenge. He decided as policy that ‘putting shire member’s arms/devices on the cover did not represent the shire as a whole’ (well stated Chronicler comments) and asked for shire members’ other art. The name of the newsletter, which may have been coined by Theodrik, gave me an idea! Ah, how Chroniclers’ can inspire us! So, I drew my idea in black ink on white paper and gave it to him! Theodrik held it close to his vest until the newsletter was released! He liked my idea, which was an Esfenn Shieldwall fighters with a myriad of helms, rumbling along, stirring up dust, marching – shield to shield – with their shields spelling: S-H-I-E-L-D-W-A-L-L and the 1st fighter on the left attempted to keep them all in step, “Sinister, Sinister – Sinister, Dexter, Sinister” while one fellow on the right – forever out of step and falling off the end of the page – is thinking “Help!” Theodrik used my cover art The Esfenn Shieldwall for the November-December A.S. XVIII (1983) issue. And, in that same issue, he published an article I had written called, The Seven Year Itch, as Fall of 1983 was my seventh year in the SCA. I thanked him for honoring me by using my art and article – and I still thank him. I always liked Theodrik, as he was an honorable man and decent fighter. And, that was why I put him on my Queen’s Guard! I was thrilled to see, a time back on West’s ‘Who’s Who’ (when I was curious how many of my Queen’s Guard had been Knighted) that Theodrik had been made a Court Baron and alas, I had forgotten that. It is with sadness I say a final “fare-thee-well” to Sir Theodrik of Skane with the ‘green brick’ and ‘golden star’ arms that stood out in a crowd. Alas, another honorable Knight has left our midst. I know he will be well remembered by all whose path he crossed. My condolences and best regards to his family, SCA friends and to the Knights of the West for the loss of another Brother Knight – and to all who knew Theodrik as a kind-hearted, forever smiling and good man who we all knew as Baron Sir Theodrik of Skane. His Spirit now soars to the beyond, having left our Earthly fold. To Sir Theodrik’s memory and Soul – I thank you most kindly once again for serving on my Queen’s Guard, as you honored me well during that time and at others. Godspeed, Theodrik.

With Memories of Times Past,
 ~Countess Dierdriana of the Misty Isles

Reminiscences -- Gods, where to start? Too many and not organized.

One of the best (from my point of view) was a Mists Games *mumble* years ago, when it was down to three people from a starting field of several teams. It was myself, Theodrik (who was still a squire at the time) and someone else (I think it was Brandon, but I'm not sure -- it was a Knight at any rate). We all paused and looked at each other, then I yelled out to Theodrik, "Let's get him -- he's a Knight!" We charged him and made small work of it, then he turned to face me and his eyes got very big. He remembered that day for many, many years, and told the tale well as an example of the fact that one should remember to *think* on the field.

I, too, remember the pistol and the arquebus, and the bat'leth. They were always tourney or war legal, and he was always grinning as they were brought up for inspection.

But it is not specific memories that make me feel the loss, but the general good humor with which he approached the SCA, at least every time I met him. I will miss him greatly.

-- Frederick of Holland

There was a time, I recall, at a Cynagua Spring Coronet, wherein Sir Theodrik convinced myself and the Lady Talima to slip silently into Sir Girstan and Siranna's motorhome and help him fill it to brimming with colorful balloons.  Such was his humor and good cheer that I entirely forgot to be phobic of the balloons until after the prank was done.  I will always treasure that memory.

-- Órlaith inghean Néill Mhóir uí Cheallacháin

Though it's been a few years since I lived in the West Kingdom, it was, and always will be my first SCA home. Theodrik was one of the people who inspired me to do the best I could when I lived there, and even to this day I think of him often.

Theodrik, I know I shall meet you in the halls of Vallhalla when we both have lifted off this mortal coil, save me a seat, save me a steak, and save me a brew. --- Eirik Haarfager Goransson

"He was a fine fine mentor and friend. He would talk to you in the middle of the night about anything. He'd take you in and keep you out of too much trouble and care for you and teach you fighting and chivalry - most importantly - in cool little ways and phrases that years later, you chuckle because you actually 'got it'.

He made cool weapons and fought with them, from a bat'leth to an polearm disguised as a rifle.

And he's the only knight to not freak out when I asked: "What is a Master-At-Arms?" :)

While he didn't play that much in recent years, he always had that cool, thoughful grin on his face.

This really sucks.

I miss you all, and hope that everyone is well. Hug your loved ones, and keep them close.

Always -"

-- Aaron Palomides

"Sir Theodrik of Skane was the very first Knight I had the pleasure of meeting when I joined the SCA more than 20 years ago. He was kind and gentle and was a welcoming influence on a new beginner to this game ." -- Catherine Lorraine of Stonegate Manor

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