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In Memoriam

Sir Steven MacEanruig, KSCA, Baron

Potent, on a pile
sable a cross crosslet

Steve Henderson died of a stroke, March 7, 2006.

Steven MacEanruig was a Knight, a Baron of the Court, and held the following other recognitions within the SCA: The Order of the Leaf of Merit, Commendabilis, Queen's Order of Grace, Honor of the Belated Rose from An Tir, The Muckin' Great Clubbe, The Queen's Favor, and he was Queen's Champion for Jennet of Twominds.

I didn't know Steven well, but we've known each other since he was King way back in AS XIII. He visited Alaska (it wasn't Oertha then, just Eskalya or even "The North") as King, with William the Lucky and Hilary of Serendip.

He was kind of funny, pretty laid back. We weren't sure what to make of him, as he was the first King to visit Oertha. But he was a nice guy.

Steven was a founder of the SCA and the West Kingdom, attending the first event as Sir Henderson. Steven reigned the West Kingdom with Alyanora of Vinca from January, 1979 to April of 1979. For personal reasons he never assumed the title of Count. I don't recall ever hearing his reasons, and if they were truly personal, then that is only right.

He contributed greatly to the culture of the West Kingdom, as he and William the Lucky attended events all up and down the West Coast when all of what is now The West, An Tir and Caid were part of The West. They created filk songs that are still sung today ("A Grazing Mace", "Let's Go Pike a Knight" ...).

I actually got to know Steven more in email than I ever knew him in person. When I first started putting together the Annotated History of the West Kingdom, which eventually became this website, he and Stefan de Lorraine were my first two contacts, and they were instrumental in getting me in contact with the 30 or so people over time that were on the mailing list we used to discuss the first 13 or so years of the SCA.

When I put the website together, he was one of the first to start digging up old photographs and getting them to me. His contributions in the discussions of the ancient history of this Kingdom are many.

While he wasn't really very active in the last few years of the Kingdom, you will find in the list of photos of him on this site that he was attending events at least up until two years before he passed away.

Hirsch von Henford

My life has become more empty. Steven was always one of my inspirations.

When I was knighted, it was the custom of the West, to give out small white cloth belts. Their Majesties did not have any, and Steven took his own belt off and passed it on to me. I was a long way from "home" and I was shocked.

A Friend for over 30 years.
A man who made us look good.

To those in the West, please pass on my sorrow to those who might remember me and remember and loved Steven.

And a very hard part is ... I must now add another red line entry to the KW Chivalry List. Maybe tomorrow when I can do it without shedding tears.

Edward Zifran of Gendy

And so the lands shall be more ashen, and our lances dimished. I rue his passing, and honor his memory.

Siegfried von Höflichkeit

I am truly sad to hear that. He was one of the legends when I began my sojourn with this Society. He was the first King I met, when he went to Eskalya to make them a barony back in AS XIII, and gave me my AA. He was funny and gracious and I was lucky to have time to just chat with him, William the Lucky and Hilary of Serendip (remember, Hirsch?). A wonderful introduction to royalty.


Morgana [yr Oerfa]

I raise my glass in memory to a Knight and former King of the West, Sir Steven MacEanruig, who passed away this day.

With sadness,

Robert Ringweaver

I have known Steve Henderson for 42 years, since we roomed together in college. We fought together, and against each other, discovered the SCA and D&D together, shared our ups and downs. He could be irascible and humorous, pig-headed and tenacious, generous, whimsical ("In a Henderson sort of way," as Sharon Green might put it), and hard-working. Leaving his and Gigi's company behind was a major argument against our moving to SoCal, but we were driven by the winds of fortune.

I shall miss Steve immensely. He was often a rock of sanity in a whirlpool of craziness, and sometimes a refreshing breath of whimsy in a morass of gloom.

Stefan de Lorraine (Steve Perrin)

A gentleman, in all ways. A force of nature, and someone who valued honesty. I will miss him.

Frederick of Holland

I saw Steve this past DunDraCon, where he was the Dealers' Coordinator.

We got to chat a bit. Steve was sweet and funny and the perfect amount of crusty. At one point I called him "Your Grace" and he wouldn't have it, though he didn't go into why. One starry eyed young man was looking for him to autograph a copy of the Runequest rules, which Steve helped write.

Cerridwen [Coedwig]

I am indeed saddened by this news. Steven was one of the first people I knew by sight in the sca because he was always there helping out and being active. Who could forget "Clan Kidney"?

Linda of the Lakelands

A figure of influence through example, true to his convictions with quiet resolve. Among the finest sword and shield men ever to don harness.

-Sir Radnor [of Guildemar], knighted by the hand of Steven Rex Occidentalis

William and I are saddened and shocked. Yet another point of the old magic is gone from this world are our lives are made emptier with his passing.

Maythen Gervaise of Elfhaven and William of Hoghton

King Steven played an important part in the history of our Barony, as He was the King who made Eskalya a Barony in January, A.S. XIII (1979 ce); we remembered him when we celebrated our 25th anniversary two years ago. Requiescat in pace.

Bjarni and Annora
Baron and Baroness of Eskalya

The Third Tournament (September 25, 1966, AS I)
Purgatorio Coronation (August 1-2, 1970, AS V)
Purgatorio Coronation (August 1-2, 1970, AS V)
Purgatorio Coronation (July 31, 1971, AS VI)
Northern California Renaissance Faire (September, 1971, AS VI)
Beltane Coronation (May 5-6, 1973, AS VIII)
Twelfth Night Coronation (January 5, 1974, AS VIII)
Spring Tourney -- Rieslingshire (April 27, 1974, AS VIII)
June Crown Tournament (June 19-20, 1976, AS XI)
Purgatorio Coronation (July 31-August 1, 1976, AS XI)
Shasta-Adiantum War -- Golden Rivers (September 4-5, 1976, AS XI)
Spring Crown Tournament (March 24-25, 1979, AS XIII)
Spring Crown Tournament (March 24-25, 1979, AS XIII)
Spring Crown Tournament (March 24-25, 1979, AS XIII)
October Crown Tournament (October 4, 1981, AS XVI)
June Crown Tournament (June 18-19, 1994, AS XXIX)
Old-Timer's Tournament -- Caldarium (June 16, 2001, AS XXXVI)

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