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In Memoriam

Mistress Siobhán ní hEodhusa, OL

Argent, a pale vert
surmounted in base
by a lion dormant Or
and on a chief wavy
vert an Irish harp Or.
Leighann Hussey died March 16 of 2006 in a motorcycle accident.

Siobhán was a member of the Order of the Laurel, the Order of the Rose Leaf, held an Award of Arms, was a member of the Orders of the Golden Poppy, the Wooden Spoon, and from the Principality of the Mists she was a member of the Orders of the Golden Branch, the Silver Spoon, and also the Order of the Copper Spoon from the Principality of Cynagua. Siobhán was a former Bard of the Mists, and was the first Bard of the West.

Some Reminisces:

Silent the hall, though the echoes still linger
Though still is the fiddle, the rhythm remains
The drums are now muffled, the dancers are mourning
Silent the voices, our throats choked with tears

Lift up your voices and sing out her music
Let the hall ring with her songs and her words.
Make sure that she knows her work is remembered
Immortal the Bard when we share what she gave.

Linda of the Lakelands (L. Levy) 5/17/06 (with some rewrites by Kareina Talvi Tytar)

"I first met Siobhán in September of 1991. I was attending an SCA event in Plymouth, CA and was one of the fighters on the field that day. The Bardic competition for the event was for the best eulogy. Siobhán picked one of my deaths to write about and and later that day she, Wander, and several others who were at the time known as Daoine Sidhe performed it. They won the competition. Many of us have heard this sung over the years as Gilbert's GreatSword Strikes No More. This is the same event that my wife and I met at. That was how I became acquanted with her and the group. I followed along and enjoyed watching them in their various musical incarnations. Many is the time I have sat (or danced) at the Fox & Goose and listened to them play.

"I also share Siobhán's passion for bikes. I still remember that first little CB350 she had. The first time I saw it, she had ridden it up to Fuji Park in Carson City, NV for an event. She was so proud of her new toy. We have swapped many stories about our bikes over the years. These are memories I will look back fondly on. I don't know if any of us will truely ever know just what happened last monday, but I am glad that it was quick, and I know that she went doing something she loved.

"I am but one of many who will mourn her passing, but celebrate the time we got to share with her.

In Loving Memory of Siobhán,"

-- Gilbert de Longspee

A message posted by Siobhán to Corwyn da Costa, then Admiral of the Western Navy (provided by Juana Isabella de Montoya y Ramirez):

[scene set: Siobhan swaggers nautically up to the thrones, followed by Meg and Greg struggling under the weight of a great chest...]

Siobhan: Your Majesties! I regret I was unable to attend Your coronation, but I was unable to reach port in time, as I have been about my Admiral's business in the Coastal Seas, insuring the proper collection of goods from ships in our coastal waters.

Do I not speak the truth when I tell you that the merchants of AnTir have struck even unto the very heart of the West, that is, the Province of the Mists. So I deemed it my duty to tax them for their impertinance. [Hauls bottles of Pyramid out of the chest.]

[Jade calls up some fellow from Wuduholt be Secg, as apparently there was a previous shtick to do with a W'holt ship being robbed of its beer by an AnTirian vessel... Further shtick ensues... Juana gets Siobhan out of the mess by a clever tautology... S relievedly fans herself with her hat and continues...]

And as you all know, AnTir is famous -- among some, at any rate -- for two things: salmon, and lattes. So, I bring you salmon [vacuum-packed smoked, in foil] and lattes [Starbucks' anniversary blend]. The lattes, as you see, are in kit form.

Long and long was our sailing to find a ship from Caid, for truly I think they spend overmuch time sewing than sailing. But at last we found one; it was a ship from the Western Seas, I could tell it by the smell of roast pork. And I hailed them, saying, "Greetings to the mariners of the Western Seas, and welcome to the waters of our glorious Kingdom of the West." And my bosun, who lived some time in the Western Seas, did translate into their native tongue, as follows:


S: We, the duly authorized agent of her sublime and gracious Majesty, Queen Juana-Isabella de Montoya y Ramirez arriba arriba andale andale ipa ipa [*smack*] are prepared to receive from you in peace and good fellowship, the plunder -er, proper tribute that is her due.

G: Hey, brah! Get cargo? Try give us, eh?

S: Do I sense reluctance on your part to remit the tribute?

G: Boddah you?

S: May I remind you that the whacking great western ship, fully loaded with guns and bloodthirsty pirates - er, stouthearted merchant adventurers - stands ready to insure the swift and expeditious transfer of the goods from your ship to ours?

G: Hey, brah! You no give us da cargo, we goin' broke yo' face!

S: Fortunately, they saw sweet reason, and so I bring to you this tribute! [Kona coffee, chocolate covered Mac nuts, guava jam, everybody on the royal line gets lei'd, etc.] And now, with your Majesties' permission, I will distribute the tribute from Meridies among the populace! [Puts a *huge* handful of Mardi Gras beads & coins in each of Their Maj's laps] Bon temps rouler!

J: We could buy a small island in the East with these, do you think?

[S & co exit court, flinging Mardi Gras stuff as they go.]

Mists Bardic Competition and Feast (September 21, 1991, AS XXVI)
Winter Feast -- Page Fundraiser (December 8, 1991, AS XXVI)
Mists Spring Banquet (April 10, 1993, AS XXVII)
Arts and Sciences Tournament (July 30-31, 1994, AS XXIX)
Purgatorio Coronation (August 19-20, 1995, AS XXX)

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