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Gary Csillaghegyi-Benson passed away July 10, 1995 of a heart failure.

The following obituary was found online by Countess Bevin Fraser of Sterling, and passed along -- this is from the Seattle Times, July 22, 1995:

Gary Csillaghegyi-Benson, 52

By Carole Beers

Like the true Libertarian he was, Gary Scott Csillaghegyi-Benson existed in his own time and space.

The only laws this student of the stars answered to were those of his own eclectic universe.

His fondest wish was to go to Mars. He thought it a sublime orb.

Mr. Csillaghegyi-Benson died of heart failure July 10 at 52.

Mr. Csillaghegyi-Benson was born in Ohio and reared in Arizona. He claimed to be descended from Hungarian nobility on his mother's side.

He earned his bachelor's degree in astronomy at Amherst College in Massachusetts, did graduate work at the University of California at Los Angeles, and indulged a fascination for science-fiction, history and the occult.

A lover of linguistics, he served as an interpreter in Germany for Air Force intelligence.

He had hoped to become an astronaut but said funding cuts at NASA dashed his dreams.

Mr. Csillaghegyi-Benson subsequently sought a spiritual calling, becoming an ordained priest in the Syrio-Chaldean Church - an early Christian religion.

"Everyone who knew him became his parishioner," said his friend Yael Dragwyla.

"For Gary was always there for everybody and was always ready to console, to help during disaster, to be with us in our grief and sorrow and our joy, or just to feed us when we were hungry, even when he himself was not well-off."

Mr. Csillaghegyi-Benson, who also had worked for the U.S. Postal Service, recently edited The Libertarian Party of Washington newsletter, "Sound of Freedom."

In his spare time, he made flags, and created ritual objects for occultists. He made his own capes and cloaks. He once designed a flag for the city of Seattle.

"He was a Renaissance man," said Terry Barchus, his roommate. "He was definitely a scholar. He loved to read books. He'd say, `It's always interesting to learn about things in the world.' "

He also had an unusual rapport with animals, friends said. As a child he had owned a wolf, and later, ravens, crows, cats and ferrets.

Clever as he was, they sometimes outsmarted him.

"He began rewarding my cat for bringing a rat to his door," Dragwyla said. "He'd give him a piece of salmon he was cooking.

"After awhile, he noticed the rats looked alike. He peeked around the corner of his house one day and saw the cat and rat in cahoots, sharing a piece of fish he'd just given them."

Mr. Csillaghegyi-Benson is survived by his father, Howard Benson of the East Coast. His mother and siblings predeceased him.

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