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In Memoriam

Mistress Pia Dragonsaver, OP

Azure, on a two-handled
mug per pale Or and argent,
a dragon segreant vert
bearing a sword sable.

Laurie McCutcheon passed away December, 2005, in a structural fire.

Pia (or Piasa) was a member of the Order of the Pelican, a Baroness of the Court of the West, a member of the Orders of the Rose Leaf and the Leaf of Merit, and received a Queen's Cypher from Lachlin. Pia also was recognized in Oertha with the following: A Companion of the Diamond Willow, membership in the Order of the Snowy Owl, and the Oerthan Order of Grace. She served on the courts of Kareina and Cedrin as a Lady of the Chamber, and was given the Princess' Riband by Sorcha and Esperanza.

"I knew Piasa, although not well, I considered her a friend. I know that over the years we didn't see eye to eye on some things, but she was a founding member of the Selviergard Trolls, and they were an interesting bunch (and I didn't see eye to eye with most of them about some things -- I generally liked them and I think vice-versa, but ...). I liked her because she stuck by her beliefs, but was reasonable most of the time and would listen to the other point of view.

"I won't get all teary eyed, but I am sorry to hear about her passing. She was a rock in a group that's had a lot of turmoil, and I know she'll be missed. I am glad I got to talk to her a little when I went to Anchorage for Kylson's memorial last year. We chatted once in awhile in email since -- she read SCA-West although she didn't post much. She would sometimes drop me a note off-list and we'd talk about whatever the discussion was ... sigh." -- Hirsch von Henford

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