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In Memoriam

Lord Ottar Seareaver

Jamie Allen-Shoob died of brain cancer, May 22, 2011.

Ottar Seareaver had been recognized in the SCA with an Award of Arms, and the Princess' Favor by Princess Erzsébeta. (Photos by by Pam Stepp, contributed by Sean Graethorne)

"Ottar was one of the first few Friends I met in the SCA back in the early XXs.  He was also one of the most steadfast I have had the priviledge to know. 

The "Ottar not smart, but can lift heavy things!" act was just that, an act, behind which a clever and curious wit was always looking for like-minded folk to play with.

His stories delighted, apalled and informed... and his puns were putrescent. 

For most of the time I knew him the running sheep jokes flew fast and furious; what few people knew was that he'd started the whole routine when he was living in Castillo de los Lobos. 

In like fashion, when the pressure on his brain from the tumor started interfering with his short-term to long-term memory transition, he jumped right in on the "I have a castle!" joke referring goldfish attention span.

His presence always improved a gathering, small or large. 

Ottar inspired me to strive to be more like him by becoming a better man." -- Sean Graethorne

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