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In Memoriam

Master Omatsu Yoshiaki, OP, OL

(aka Senkyu)

Omatsu was a member of the Orders of the Laurel and the Pelican, the Orders of the Leaf of Merit and the Rose Leaf, had an Award of Arms, and was a Defender of the West.

Some Reminisces:
I was the new Kingdom exchequer, and Senkyu was autocrat of Purgatorio up there in Allyshia. I arrived and he had several pieces of news for me:

  1. We had agreed to build a culvert for the farm, in exchange for getting the farm for several usage's. A very nice bargain, really, and I had been informed of the deal - but only in the bare bones. Senkyu dropped the bomb that we (which means *I* had to write the check) were expected to pay for it in one lump sum. For those days it was a rather large check (the Kingdom had only $5000 or so in the bank).
  2. He dropped another bombshell - the Porta-privie company demanded pay in advance. And there was a good reason - we hadn't paid them for the year before. AND - they wanted that money also. This means I had to write checks - right there on the spot - for something like 3X what the event COULD take in, and almost our entire cash reserve!!!

I was rather new, and Senkyu could see the shock & horror in my eyes (I honestly thought this was going to be my last event in office- if only! <g>). He handed me a cup of water ("Here, this will make you feel better"), I drank it down, and then another - then I realized it wasn't water but sake (and I think most everyone knows I am not really a drinker). I had slammed down the first cupful without even realizing it was sake. The coughing and spluttering once I realized what I had drunk was enough to make Senkyu go into a fit himself - at once he was concerned - and he also was trying to hold his laughter in at my reaction.

Ah, good times, good times. <g> He was very apologetic over the whole thing, and very nicely helped me to explain to the Royalty, so they didn't have me executed. -- Wulfstan Darroldson

Lupercalia (February 18, 1990, AS XXIV)
West/Caid War (March 31-April 4, 1990, AS XXIV)
Beltane Coronation (April 28-29, 1990, AS XXIV)
Beltane Coronation (April 28-29, 1990, AS XXIV)
Beltane Coronation (April 28-29, 1990, AS XXIV)
Turkey Tourney -- Hawkshaven (November 16, 1991, AS XXVI)
Cynagua/Mists War (September 25-26, 1993, AS XXVIII)

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