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In Memoriam

Lord Morgan Cain

Per pale argent and azure,
a pitcher gules.

"Morgan Cain (aka Morgan ap Rhys, Harold the Grim), mka David Moore, had the Mukkin Great Clubbe from March A.S. XII (1978) to the next June, and held an Award of Arms (1980).  A Golden Rivers denizen, he was first married to Lady Elena du Droit (now Mistress Elena in the Kingdom of Outlands), then to Mistress Matriana du Cameliard, and later to Merilee Buster the dancer and harper (Merilee had an SCA name, I just don't know it). 

Morgan & I were old pals from our high school days.  We got into the SCA around the same time, the mid- to late 1970's.  Morgan was a competent fighter with a fairly decent berserkergang when he got into it, ready wit, a sense of style, but a lifelong struggle with temper and depression.  After the final divorce he fell into the shadows, and the shadows swallowed hard.

For years, family and older friends wondered what had became of him.  In late 2010 he surfaced again after his son, in Iowa, located him through some truly amazing long-distance detective work.  Morgan was then at a Sacramento hospital, in a death-struggle with colon cancer.  From the hospital Morgan moved to a midtown Sacramento shelter.  For a while he seemed  in recovery, doing well, chatty, upbeat, determined to beat the alien invader that had planted the metastatic micro-eggs and seeds in his bloodstream.  He deeply appreciated the visits, calls and well-wishes from old friends in and out of the SCA.  Best of it, he was focused on finding a new track for his life.  

But the invaders were too well-massed and subtle.  Sometime early Tuesday morning, Dec 28, Morgan died, likely of heart failure.  Reportedly, a shelter supervisor discovered him in his normal sleeping position with no signs of suffering." -- Edward of South Haven

Some Reminisces:
"Morgan ap Rhys — was the SCA name I always knew for Dave Moore. Anyone who knew Morgan, knew you were a friend when greeted with his big smile and a hug! I liked Morgan and have good memories of SCA events in Golden Rivers and other places in the West when he was present.

When I joined the SCA, Fall 1976, the then Barony of Golden Rivers’ members were a close-knit group of friends. Morgan’s presence at events made a difference. His sense of humor and quick wit kept us all amused many times.

Morgan was fun to be around and talk with at SCA events or when we were all at the ‘P Street Park’ for Fighter Practice or a potluck at Kevin and Patrice's or others' homes, whether mundanely or were at Discovery Park for Archery Practice in Sacramento. It seems in those days, nearly everyone in Golden Rivers was an Archer!

One day, decades ago, at a fighter practice, I believe it was, Morgan gave me an original drawing of his. If memory serves, he was working on it at a picnic table at the park and for whatever reason, he gave it to me It was a nice gesture and as any art I have ever received from a friend, it is a treasure, even more so now.

In those days, many SCA folks were interested in and reading Tolkien books. I do not remember exactly what year Morgan drew it. It is signed, though not dated, though likely drawn in 1977 or 1978. It has a quote from Tolkien on it.

My last memory of having crossed paths with Morgan was at SCA 20 Year in Texas, 1986. Morgan was not around during any of my visits out West over these last decades after I had moved to Artemisia (Colorado), then Atenveldt (Arizona) and then Midrealm (Ohio).

I am saddened to know Morgan has left our Earthly plane. I hope his spirit and soul are at peace. I trust in the end, he knew he still had friends who remembered and liked him.

My prayers and sympathy are with his family and friends. I hope Morgan will be remembered well by those who knew him. My memories are of a nice fellow who interacted with everyone with much laughter and good times had by all and we were enriched because of his presence.

I desire to remember the echoes of laughter and good cheer in the revel halls with singing, dancing and good times — for these are  the memories I believe we can treasure a friend such as Morgan ap Rhys as we say "Fare-thee-well, until we meet again in the Ethers, dear friend."

As ever, I remain, -- Countess Dierdriana of the Misty Isles

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