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In Memoriam

Viscount Sir Kylson Skyfyre, OL, OP

Azure, a unicorn rampant
argent, crined Or, on a
chief arched Or three
snowflakes azure.

L. "Kylson" White passed away June 19, 2004 of an aortic tear..

Kylson was the the first Oerthan Prince, the first Oerthan Viscount, a Knight of the West, a Laurel for his contributions to the Bardic Arts, a Pelican for his many years of service in Oertha, and held these other awards and recognitions from the West and Oertha: The Order of the Rose Leaf, The Order of the Leaf of Merit, Award of Arms, Commendabilis (twice), The Queen's Order of Grace, The Order of the Queen's Cypher (Mari), The Order of the Snowy Owl, The Order of the Oerthan Sword, The Order of the Princess' Riband (Katarzina, Alicianne, Allysia), The Order of the Bards of Oertha, Queen's Champion (Mari), Princess' Champion (Katarzina twice, Katla, Amber), Lord Guardian.

Kylson is survived by his lady wife Anne of Bradford and his son Darian.

Today, the 19th of June, in the thirty-ninth year of the Kingdom of the West, Viscount Sir Kylson Skyfyre, OL, OP, first Prince of Oertha, passed away suddenly immediately after claiming the victory in a bear pit tourney at Eskalya's Viking Games event.

The day was fair, as fair as ever the season can get in our short northern summers, full of sun and light airs, and the falling rain of cottonwood down. Sir Kylson came to the field late, as his armoring had been delayed while he inspected the armor of the other competitors, but when he came, he came with the same presence he has always had, with great joy in the contest. As it was a hot day, he, like the other fighters, took a break from the grind, and he suggested converting the last five minutes of the tourney from a bear pit to a beer pit ("One point for each beer, and two points if you keep it down.")

I was marshaling on the field, and, upon the expiration of the time, I went to the lists table to check the score with the event steward and the acting list minister. I heard a commotion, and turned to look across the field, and Sir Kylson was down on the ground, with his lady wife, Mistress Anne, at his side. All medical attention possible was rendered, both by our own chirurgeons (and emergency medical personnel who were on site), and by the ambulance paramedics when they arrived. He was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. It is likely that he was, in fact, dead even as he hit the ground.

It is almost trite to say that we should find solace in the fact that he died doing what he loved, among the people that he loved. But trite or not, it is certainly true. Others will have many things to say about this man (I undoubtedly will myself), but let this stand for the moment.

Tonight, the chalked bear pit circle was filled with lilacs and daisies, with two candles burning in glass chimneys. And there were butterflies.

We have lost a giant.

In grief,
Bjarni Eðvarðarson í Jórvík

Gracious Friends, Our dear Viscountess Mistress Anne of Bradford asked me to post for her. It is with deepest and heartfelt sorrow we send this missive that a Great Man no longer walks this earth but travels the Heavens. A hero, a father, a husband & lover, and an example of a full and glorious life well lived - Viscount Master Sir Kylson Skyfyre transcended this realm to walk another on Summer Solstice, June 19th. (He passed quickly, without pain, and surrounded by what he loved to do and those whom he loved)

Those of you who are familiar with the song he had written for his Lady Anne, "the Falcon's of Bradford" (the butterfly song)... Know that as his armor was being packed away, there sitting on his gauntlet, with wings spread wide sat a butterfly.. A gentle, unspoken farewell as grand as the life he lived.. And he LIVED it!

We will miss you Kylson..
Most noble thanks to all.

Please do not send flowers, or think of stuff we might need. Darian and I are well provided for. Instead, here are some ideas that I know Kylson would approve of:

  1. Tell an off-color joke.
  2. Flirt with a Lady (or Lord), to make sure they know that they're worthy of admiration and affection.
  3. Sing a song, especially one you can sing with other people, or with people you're in love with.
  4. Teach your child to fish or hunt, and to love the out of doors.
  5. Call your significant other "Beloved" or "Darling" and mean it.
  6. Dance with someone who has never been danced with. Combine with #2 as necessary.

My husband was known to many, but understood by few, and even fewer did he count as friends. Even though some did not appreciate his sense of humor, almost all respected him. He loved Oertha and the West, and would fight in no other Crown or Coronet tourney, nor offer fealty outside of the Western Kingdom.

Again thanks to you all.

- Viscountess Anne of Bradford

Many have said many of the things I feel now, and am still feeling. I have known Kylson nearly as long as anyone in the SCA, for awhile, better than many. The following rambles a little, for which I apologize. It's been hard to write what I wanted to say. The words below are a poor attempt to say some of what I need to say.

Kylson was truly a gentle giant. He was fierce on the field of battle, but he was also an honorable man on the field. He was a big man physically, but even more importantly, he had a big personality. Kylson never apologized for being who he was. Sometimes that upset people, but for the most part, Kylson's affect on people was positive. He was who he was. He had his foibles, he was not perfect ... but he was a better man than most.

He was loved by many, as can be seen by the many tributes written about him. As his lady wife has stated (quoted above), "... known to many, but understood by few ...". I think over the years I have come to understand much about Kylson that many people never saw. In a way, he was a big brother to me ...

In an attempt to keep this from being too long, I will only recount a few of the reasons this man meant so much to me:

The year I was named a member of the Order of the Laurel (1983): Kylson accepted it for me from the hands of King Paul and Queen Rowena. Then he made sure that he was the Lord Defender who presented it to me in person two weeks later, by winning the Lord Defender tournament in Oertha. I remember that evening well, because even though I knew for most of the two weeks prior that this was going to happen, I cried during the ceremony, kneeling at his feet. The next morning, at an Organizational Meeting for the soon to be Principality, as I walked in Kylson sang "My Awards Go Jingle, Jangle, Jingle" - just to make sure I didn't get a swollen head from it all.

The year I graduated College (1984), and I came to Anchorage (SCA: Eskalya) for spring break to try to get some job applications out there, Kylson and his lady -- he and Anne had not tied the knot yet -- let me stay at their home for most of the week. During that time, Kylson held at least one bardic at a friend's home, made sure I could get places, ate, etc. The bardic of course stuck out in my mind. I was very heavily into bardics at the time. The next week I found out that he was creating a new household in Oertha with his lady and some others, and he extended an invitation to me to join. He knew I was moving back to Eskalya in a few weeks time after I graduated. I was totally blown away, but was very happy to accept membership in Kylson's household. I never regretted that.

During the two years before I moved from Oertha to the Mists (SF Bay Area), my time in Quid Non was amazing. The one thing that I never knew though, was that my joining the household was Kylson's idea. I thought for years that it was Anne's. I mentioned to her one time that it was so nice of her, and she told me point blank that it was all Kylson's idea. He never took the credit (or perhaps the blame) for that.

In that time, Kylson made sure during the weeks before I found a job, and I was going through some other emotional turmoil, that I had someone I could talk to, and that I didn't go crazy. He went out of his way to make sure I had a place to live, that I was able to visit he and Anne (I didn't have a car), and so on.

He was always there as a friend. He was always supportive. When I left Oertha, the hardest thing to do was leave such good friends as Kylson and Anne. He was as close to me as family (in some ways closer than my own family). As family members sometimes do, we didn't stay as closely in touch as we could have, but every time I saw him again, whether I went up north or he came south, the ties always felt as strong as ever.

If he helped a person out, he never wanted any kind of repayment. He was a giving man, and wanted people to be happy. He helped me through several things, and I never could find a way to pay him back -- but I honestly believe he would have been appalled that anyone wanted to pay him back. He just saw someone in need, and helped.

He had a big heart, and he always went the extra mile to make sure people were comfortable, happy, and welcome. He helped people through crises, and during it all, he smiled, he told jokes, he sang.

When Kylson and Anne got married a few years later, the wedding was at Anne's parent's place over near Yosemite. I was thrilled to be invited, and to find a ride and be there.

Over the years Kylson touched many lives. He was a joy to be around, because he loved life. He loved people. He shared his joy with everyone around him.

Anne mentions in her missive that "... some did not appreciate his sense of humor ...". His sense of humor was baudy sometimes, crude sometimes, but never malicious. Hell, even though I found some of his jokes crude they were still funny in their way. I was never truly offended by them, because it was Kylson telling them, and you could tell he just wanted to share his joy.

I know others have mentioned his singing -- it was what he was Laurelled for, and it was one of his great joys in life.

His greatest joys were his wife and his son. I can never say enough good things about his wife, and this is not really about her anyway. But watching Kylson change when he brought her to Alaska was amazing. I never thought of Kylson as someone who would be a really good father. But a year after Darien was born, I spent some time in their house. I saw Kylson with Darien, and any doubts I ever had went out the window. He tried to be "macho" and not show the tender side, but he couldn't mask it very well. Watching him play with Darien, and watching this giant of a man being so tender with his son. Wow.

While saddened by his passing, my memories of Kylson will always be positive. He was a great man, he was a kind man, a gentle man. I always felt that Kylson was a friend. Even when I hadn't seen him for several years, the next time I saw him it was as if no time had passed.

I last saw Kylson in Hawaii a year ago (March, 2003) due to a bit of serendipity, during the week after March Crown. We (my wife and some friends) had a nice dinner with Kylson, Anne and Darien. It was a pleasant evening. Now I wish we could have made it last longer.

Kylson will be missed. But the memories are good. He was a positive man, and we should try to remember that about him.

-- Maestro Hirsch von Henford, OL, OP
Member of House Quid Non, formerly of Oertha ...

Kylson was a friend, flirtatious often, serious occasionally, entertaining always and not seen often enough in central kingdom, not near often enough. My memories of him stretch back many years. I wish I had more of them, but those I have are precious – Watching him fight in finals for Anne, twice – Watching him lend his towering presence to events whenever he came to the central kingdom – Attending the Oerthan bardics at 30 Year. I looked forward to the possibility seeing him again this winter as I was in the middle of making plans to visit Oertha for the first time on the occasion of its 20th Anniversary Coronet. I thought that I might see Kylson and Anne at June Crown, but then thought, “No, he’ll come down here to win October Crown just so they can be King and Queen in January. Wouldn’t that be great!!!” That won’t happen now, but he remains a towering giant in our memories, a true king always.

Anne, my thoughts are with you and Darien. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy for your loss. We all share it, although we know that yours is greater and wish that we could help lighten it for you.

Gwenhwyfaer ferch Gwilym
Betony Wood, Cynagua, West

How difficult it is to believe that someone who was so full of life is gone, and so suddenly!

I think of Oertha as “Home”, even though I've spent nearly as much time living in other places as I have in Oertha (counting from when I found the SCA). Throughout the years whenever I think about Oertha, I think of Kylson, and whenever I think of Kylson it brings happy thoughts.

Many, many hours spent over the years gathered with friends, voices raised in song, he at the center of the circle. His love of music is one of the biggest reasons Oertha has such a reputation throughout the Known World for amazing Bardics. His willingness to encourage all of us to join in and *sing*, no matter if we could carry a tune or not, meant that most of us did participate! I will never forget that magic, which I first experienced sitting near him at an event when I was a shy high school kid. 30, 40, 100+ people all gathered together singing the same song, some harmonizing beautifully, others only able to manage the rhythm, and always his strong voice carrying overall leading the way. To me Oertha is shared song, and Kylson symbolized Oertha.

The very best thing about the timing of when I was Princess was that Donnan and I got to make Kylson and Anne a Viscount and Viscountess. What a privilege that was! They served the Principality together many times, first as Lord Defender and Lady of the Snows and later as P&P, but only once did they get the viscounty titles! Kylson was a real softie; giving an award to him or to a loved one was an easy way to get him to cry. The first time I truly focused on this was we gave Kylson a leaf of merit. I will never forget the tears in his eyes as I put that leaf over his head.

Kylson is one to whom I owe a debt of gratitude. When I met him I was a young, somewhat prudish high school kid who had somehow picked up the idea that sex was “bad” or “gross and I couldn't understand why anyone would ever *want* to do something like *that*. But after spending much time hanging out at his place and listening to his stories I learned that human sexuality is a beautiful, fun thing that people can share with one another. Though he often made joking offers, I never chose to become more intimate with Kylson than to share an occasional kiss over some Irish Mist at a bardic, yet still I credit him with doing more for making me comfortable on that topic than any of the lovers I've had! (And, yes, I *did* tell him so at one point in the past couple of years) he said something (I can't remember his exact words) about wishing he'd had the chance help by demonstration rather than lecture). Honesty, openness, forthrightness, three virtues I value which he typified. Some people teased him for “over sharing”, but to me it seemed that he shared just exactly the correct amount!

--Kareina Talvi Tytär

As I write this, the tears are streaming down my cheeks and the memories of 30 years steam through my brain like a movie. The world is lessened with the loss of Kylson.

Words do not do justice to the man. He was larger than life, and not just in size. When he entered a room, he brought his love of life with him and shared it. When there was a problem, he made it less through his great patience, civility, and humor. He lived life on his terms, and we can only wish we could do the same.

Kylson the protector. With his strength, he protected the weak. With his gentleness, he fostered the hurt and timid to grow. With his humor, he balanced the emotions. With his frankness he cut through the layers to the heart of the issue, but never into the quick. He would never knowingly hurt another and respected personal boundaries with a sensitivity few ever saw.

Kylson was the "pied piper" of Oertha. He brought his love of life, dance, music, and song where ever he went. If you didn't know the dance, he taught it and made the circle larger. If you didn't know the song, he taught it and brought everyone - whether you could sing or not - into the circle of his warmth. If there was a void in the proceedings, he told a tale and made the room a warmer place to be. In the circle of his living room, friends and foe, would come together in song, and he would transport us to a better place.

Anne was his heart. Darien his glimpse of the future. My heart goes out to them at this time, but I know that the love he wrapped them in will stand the test of time, even though he is not there in body.

The gentle giant will be missed. We raise a dram to him and remember while listening to the CD of his and Anne's music.

-- Sabrina de le Bere

I heard this evening that my friend Lawrence White is dead. I write this message with tears welling in my eyes.

I have known Kylson for 26 years. We were companions, housemates, drinking buddies, hunting and fishing partners and rivals. When times were tough we helped each other by opening our homes to each other, helping each other get jobs, and just being there. We had fights. We did not see eye to eye on many things. But there was always a degree of respect between the two of us, even when we were on opposite sides of a very tall fence.

When we were just young pups in the SCA we decided we wanted to be knights. To do this we would train together, push each other, explore new techniques and styles, and strive to make each other and ourselves the best fighters we could. We travelled together. We made names for ourselves. And we were knighted on the same day. We were the finalists in the first Oerthan Principality tourney, and this was how it should have been. We became knights of reknown in our kingdom, even though we lived so very far away from the heartland.

Our lives took different paths and we spread apart. I left Alaska, but I alway knew I would have a warm reception when I visited.

Once we had a series of epic battles at a Renfair. A picture of the two of us was used in the local paper with the caption "Dread Archrivals". The picture was transfered to a pair of tee shirts with those words embossed below it and gifted each to us. I had that shirt for many years. It was sort of a symbol of what we were. We pushed, cajoled, criticized, advised, and praised each other to make each a better man.

My heart goes out to Lawrence's fair wife Robin and his son, as well as his mother and two sisters. I have lost my parents so I know what it feels like to lose loved ones. No amount of kind words and supportive gestures can take the pain away, but they can ease it just a little. The pain of Kylson's death will be felt far and wide, for his life touched many others. We as friends can do what we can to help each other in what ways we are able. A shoulder to cry on may be the most important thing to have for all those in need. For us that live far away, we cannot have the resolution that a funeral would provide. We need to find our own way, be it lighting a candle or tipping a glass in memory.

My Lady wife Aryana and I will be sending a personal missive to Robin, but I had to do this letter to ease my own grief. I have been sitting silently on list for a long time. This tragedy brings home to me how important long missed friends can be. And that I have been in error for not reaching out more to those people who have been an important part of my life.

Farewell my rival, my friend,

Brendan Shimmeringstar
Matt Kittrick

I wrote this following Kylson's fall and finished it after we heard the news of his death.

Who drives the fire 'cross the sky
and bears it in his hall?
Who thought I would live to see
the greatest mountain fall?

The gentlest giant that ever walked
master of man and beast
A bard, whose voice would fill this hall
a flirt, who never ceased.

Upon the field once more, he stood
for Bradford's honor, fought
At rest, he knelt beside her feet
their love in iron, wrought

But something broke in Kylson's heart
as I am bound to tell
While wife and peers called out his name
there on the ground, he fell

His Prince gave breath to fill his voice
his friends gave him strength
His loves gave speed to clear the way
for help to come at length

Many hands worked for his life
and many voices raised
For hope that breath would draw again
with tears, un-numbered prayed

Chiergeons came to bear him hence
they drove from field and hill
And Princess, barefoot, ran behind
while wife and son stood still

The Baron called his people close
his coronet in hand
He had no word of Kylson's fate
would mountain once more stand?

Word reached Eskalya's gathered host
in grief, none stood alone
That Kylson Skyfire breathed no more
All-father claimed his own

In Great Vallhalla now he sits
with fair and sparkling eyes
The Gods call him their greatest gift
Valkyrie's finest prize

He calls for drink, he calls for maids
for books with lettered text
He'll teach them all the rising snap
Hot-tubs are coming next

Bradford's house lies quiet now
Eskalya grieves it's loss
The trees themselves are crying hard
with tears as soft as moss

Farewell, Skyfire's brightest flame
Oertha's Pride thus made
This final gift bestowed on you
Word-fame will never fade.

Who drives the fire 'cross the sky
and bears it in Vallhall?
Who thought I would live to see
the greatest mountain fall?

-- Mistress Margrethe Astrid Ravn

Requiem for Sir Kylson Skyfire
Frederick of Holland, 20 June XXXIX

They have called to tell me, Kylson,
To tell me you are dead.
Struck down as you in triumph stood
With sword raised overhead.

No more will you my campfire grace
With your voice raised in song,
No more will you be by my side
In battle standing strong.

No more will you the ladies charm
With gallantry and wit,
No longer will your laughter ring
In tavern brightly lit.

You were a giant of this world,
Writ large in act and thought,
And now they tell me you are dead;
'Tis knowledge dearly bought.

I stand now still, 'neath Western sun
In sorrow's grip held tight.
But I'll remember with all joy
The times you brought me light.

For Kylson
Catherine de Gray
Tune “Sand and Water”, by Beth Nielsen Chapman

Brave and bold he walked Oerthan lands
Brave and bold he lived his life
We will hear him sing forever
Sing forever, in our hearts and in our minds

Gentle soul, he gave his all for us
Gentle soul, he shared his heart
Kylson’s life was a great reminder
That in life, we must all take a part

We will see you in the light of the Northern stars
We will feel you when we fight
We will hear you in the howls of the winter wolves
We will know you in the memory of our lives

Kylson’s way was the way of heroes
Kylson’s way was to make us laugh
Now remember and do honor to him
To our future and the memory of his past

We will see you in the light of the Northern stars
We will feel you in the light
We will hear you in the songs of the Western folk
We will love you, in our memories and our minds

Now without him we walk into the sun
Now without him we sometimes cry
But we smile when we remember
How he came to us and how he touched our lives

A Giant Named Kylson
by Countess Dierdriana of the Misty Isles – "Moms" 6-25-04

There was a giant named Kylson,
Who eventually had a fine son!
He had a beautiful and lovely wife
To last him the rest of his life!

His friends scatter far and wide
With Anne - always - at his side;
And with son, Darian, too
Who brought him brightness - true.

His candle burned so very bright
Always showing him in the light.
A friend to all who knew him
A great man - often seemed as kin.

Fun, laughter, jokes and all
Our friend, Kylson, had it all!
Songs, stories, pastimes and loves
Even stories in Hot Tubs!

So, let his legacy be told and told,
As we all remember the cold
Of Winter days turned to Spring
Allow, allow . . . ourselves to Sing!

He would want that, you know
Just as much as playing in snow.
So go ye forth and clash your swords
Honor Kylson - a man of his word!

Life never ends on a bad note -
Not where one can get your goat!
He could do that and made us blush
And never did we call him a lush!

He was the kindest most gentle man
But oh no, he never got a tan!
His smile caused all to join in song
Never mind that notes were wrong.

For we now join with full chorus,
As we walk through the forests
Being happy as he would ask us
Tell a story or loudly cuss!

But only when that was all right
For now we see with all his might
He could not stop death’s grip
When from our hearts did rip . . .

We all love you so very much
And life won’t be the same, as such
Without you there, strong and tall
Please hear us when we give a call.

Kylson, Kylson, why are you gone?
Our hearts break; we raise voices in song.
“Here is to you, oh Kylson, my son
Nary will there be another one.”

Unicorn Lullabye
Clover of Foxfield, 23 June XXXIX
(with music to come.)

On the first day of Lilac Summer
When the chill wind of Spring dies
The unicorn lies, sleeping
'Midst a field of butterflies

The silver strains of harpstrings
Wove with golden voices sweet
Fill the field with lullabyes
To quiet his soft sleep

The unicorn is courage
And the unicorn is dreams
His sleep among the butterflies
Is as peaceful it seems

So when your sleep is fearful
And your heart with sorrow cries
Join him, the brave unicorn
In the field of butterflies

Epitaph for my Knight
by Colin MacLear

Kylson was my knight, and the best and truest friend that I have known. And I love him much, and I miss him deeply.

Swordsman, Singer
Take the Rock of Life in your mighty grip
And let us Gape in Awe
As you cause it to gush forth Wine.

Requiem for Kylson
Leah Raedaelf of Pagham

In verse I seek to hold the very fullness of my heart,
To find release of ache within sweet song;
For one who shone as brightly as Oertha’s winter sky
When kissed by rainbow-hued and dancing light.
Full long shall I still see him weaving tales beside our fires
Where song and jest, with sparks, to heavens fly.

As if she were a fragile, jewel-wingéd butterfly,
He held so soft his dearest joy, his lady’s heart
And gently joined his voice with hers around the fires.
Oh, none could match the life that filled and shaped his every song,
Nor tire him ‘til the dawn’s first breaking light
Would steal the stars’ gleam from the dark night’s sky.

Beneath the wide blue arc of summer sky,
Where banners of the mighty boldly fly,
His sword would dance about in the bright light
As if it shared the greatness of his heart
And wove to match the beat of battle’s song
To earn word-fame around the cold nights’ fires.

Tonight, and many nights to come, we’ll light the fires,
To send the sparks up soaring toward the sky
And fill the void each with a favorite song;
That with his spirit, they may truly fly—
And so give ease to each full, aching heart
That seeks, from dark’s own deep embrace, the light.

Upon the bare wall, bathed in pools of light
That shine out from the lanterns’ taméd fires,
Hangs now unstrung the bard’s guitar; his heart
Will need it not to sound his music ‘cross the sky.
Instead, his love will e’er be seen in each bright butterfly
And heard in every voice that joins our song.

So, once again, we’ll lift his glass and fill his hall with song
That he may know our hearts can still be light;
And though the eagles soar by day, it’s with the owls we’ll fly—
For they’re the ones that join our bardic fires.
And somewhere, in the darkness, up beyond the star-lit sky,
He’ll hear the words that sound within each heart.

Upon the winds, set free to fly, recalled within each song,
His hunting heart is bound to seek the light—
For stars, celestial bardic fires, will call him home across the sky.

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