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In Memoriam

Lady Josette de Chantecler, OLM, ORL

We received a call Saturday night from our good friend and her loving husband of the past 17 years, Fred Carter that Rosemary passed away on Wednesday, 25 March [2015]. We have few details as Fred is pretty devastated, though it wasn’t exactly unexpected. Rosemary’s cancer had returned and she had had several bouts of breathing difficulty which her doctors had tried to alleviate, ultimately, to no avail.-- Liz Jodry

Josette de Chantecler was a member of the Orders of the Leaf of Merit and the Rose Leaf of the Kingdom of the West, and active in the SCA and other recreation groups for some time.

Some Reminisces:
Elizabeth Jodry (Aehlswyth of Coventry) informs us of the passing of Rosemary Leczycka (Josette de Chanticler).   Many will remember Rosemary/Josette, active in Golden Rivers since its early days through the 1980's, Victorian/Edwardian/Regency-era Living History, Dickens Fair, live theatre, canine breed shows and sf/fantasy fandom (particularly Costume Con).  She founded and managed her own recreational historical reenactment group, Bygone Eras, which hosted numerous finely-appointed balls and dances in the Sacramento area.

  Rosemary was intelligent, skilled and creative, with a strong personality that some found difficult -- opinions will exist, as always such do.  But her industry and hospitality could be exemplary.  I had not seen her for some years, was unaware of her maladies.  I regret this ending, the loss of a key player in our history, one more goodbye after too many others.  Timor mortis conturbat me. -- Edward of South-Haven

A memory or five of Rosemary: I saw Rosemary about three or four years ago at Dickens Faire. She wore a sweet 1860's dress with immense hoop skirts and the perfect bonnet! She always dressed perfectly for the time!

I house sat for her many years ago, which was a pleasure, and I also had the pleasure of modeling dresses on occasion for her at costume events. She had an eye for design and detail that I admired greatly. I particularly remember wearing an orange-gold taffeta Edwardian gown of hers! It was so lovely, it made me want to live in those times (corsets included!) I'll also never forget a silver bodysuit she loaned me, spangled with hand-stitched crystals (with pleated silver cape) that made a big splash when I dressed as an Elfquest "High One" at Westercon one year. Bless your artistic and creative soul, Rosemary! -- Mary Blackford (Elwyn of Snow Hill)

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Two-Day Revel -- Golden Rivers (May 17-18, 1975, AS X)
Coronet Tournament -- Principality of Cynagua (May, 1981, AS XVI)

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