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In Memoriam

Master Hanns Helvig von Longstrum, OP

Cliff Cornwell passed away February 21, 2005, after fighting illness.

In addition to being a member of the Order of the Pelican, Hanns was a member of the Orders of the Leaf of Merit and the Rose Leaf, the Queen's Order of Grace, and held a Queen's Cypher (Aricia). Hanns had served on the King's Lance during Alden and Madeline's reign. In addition to these recognitions, Hanns received recognition from various Princes and Princesses of Cynagua: The Ruxton (#36), The Scutiferus Cynagaue, the Cynaguan Order of Grace, the Order of La Courtesia, The Order of the Friendly Castle, and Princess' Tokens from Isabeau and Mari. He served on the Queen's Guard and the Cynaguan Guard several times ... just by the recognitions alone, one can see that Hanns contributed greatly to the SCA.

Some Reminisces:
"Apologies in advance if this is out of sort, or rubs anyone the wrong way

But ... it is my feelings

To this I am true ...

I sit here and think of a man I will never forget, a hero in my mind, someone who was there to tell me I was better than what I believed I was, someone who in my mind would have been a great father, but was a better friend. I wish I could be there to help celebrate his time here. I wish I could be there to help his family in their time of need, but these words are all I have to offer ...


I once knew a warrior of GREAT measure, never shirked a chance to defend the honor of our land, our crown, or his lady. Always there to give advice, always there to show you that you were better than you thought you were, always there to show you that all was not lost, but that it's there, you just had to look a little harder.

I knew a great man, who was always there to laugh off a handshake and hug you as if you were a brother, a fellow warrior, a true friend. He would never turn his back towards you if you were in need. Never looked beyond you, never looked through you as if you were just there. And though I am not to sure I still think under that fuzzy beard he was always smiling too.

I treasure, value, even cherish many friends I have in this world of these "olden" times, but there are only a few that have left such a mark on me that this man has. When I was new to all this, he was the one who told me that I was better than I thought I could be, he was the one of the ones that instilled a frame of honor in me, the one I look to when I think of strength.

I know that he always sought the one recognition that seemed to elude him, knighthood. Always wanting this but never being able to this but still striving brought him many other recognitions. But truth be told, it is my belief that he showed more qualities of knighthood than some knights I know, not a knight of the crown, BUT a knight of the heart, a warrior to the end. So in my eyes, he achieved what he wanted.

Dear friend, these last words I give to you, as I am sure the Valkyries have come to take you to your rightful place up there, wherever up there is for you. You are, I know, in a much better place now, but I know you, you are still looking to be a warrior. But know this, you will be weighed and measured no more by those here, from now on others will be measured to you. And if I know you, where you are going, they will be doing the same thing. For a true man, gentleman, friend, brother, warrior is truly immeasurable, and I think that no one has yet found a measurement for you, for you are those and more!!!!

Goodbye good friend, until we meet again, I only hope that I can have one millionth the heart you did, then I would be assured my place ... up there.

This day I lay my sword and shield down at my side, for this day is not for war, but for honor.

-- Edward ... Just Edward


NOTE: I meant this as a tribute to a great friend, if anyone took this any other way, I do apologize. I only honor one man in this, and not offend any others.

[Edward de Lyons]

The Golden Warrior (A poem in tribute to Master Hanns by Kateryn de Ver)

For Hanns Helvig von Longstrum

He was in truth a very dwarvish man;
Not small in wit or gentilness or worth,
But strong as stone, a power of the earth,
And stubborn as a tree or bull that ran
To rout trespasser from his pasture fair.
Unlike that bull, he welcomed with a heart
Each person new who came to take a part
In this endeavor that we all do share.
Of hardships which afflict all mortal men
He had as his share more than most endure.
He met them with good humor, rich and pure,
And fought them back again and yet again.

Hanns Helvig at long last has come to rest
By that broad stream that runs unto the West.

     Frederick of Holland 26 February xxxix


Video Memorial to Hans Helvig von Lundstrom by Corwin Breemore, provided by Marisa nic Gregor

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